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EB-5 Visa: Rules and Regulations

by lawfirm January 14, 2013 Immigration Law

Those willing to visit and stay in the United States, have to obtain a visa. There are several visa categories that you need to consider while deciding the appropriate one for you. However, depending on any of this visa it is difficult to stay permanently in the US. If you are looking for a visa […]

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Three Tips To Help You Pick The Perfect Immigration Lawyer

by rightseosteps January 2, 2013 General Law

Immigration laws are complicated and constantly changing.  For an individual who is in need of immigration assistance, finding and hiring an immigration lawyer can help you wade through the numerous convoluted laws and legal jargon that stand in the way of you and your immigration resolution.  There are a number of legal self-help options available […]

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Who Is Affected By UK Immigration Law?

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ July 2, 2012 Immigration Law

Below is an immigration law blog post regarding UK immigration law. Further contributions on this complex subject welcome. The immigration laws in the UK affect a broad range of people and is extremely important both in the political landscape and the social landscape of the country. There are always fights between political parties about whether […]

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