Three Tips To Help You Pick The Perfect Immigration Lawyer

Immigration laws are complicated and constantly changing.  For an individual who is in need of immigration assistance, finding and hiring an immigration lawyer can help you wade through the numerous convoluted laws and legal jargon that stand in the way of you and your immigration resolution.  There are a number of legal self-help options available from a number of resources and for more basic legal issues; these are often very helpful and useful.  However, some legal issues, especially those where immigration issues are at stake, can become very involved and problematic.  For these situations, it is often beneficial to find an attorney who is knowledgeable and well versed in the most recent immigration laws and reform.  Here are three basic tips for finding the right lawyer for your immigration needs.

Utilize Word of Mouth

Be proactive and talk to your friends, family members, and even colleagues for references.  They may not have had to use an immigration lawyer personally, but through their connections with others, they may be able to connect you with someone that comes highly recommended.  In most cases when someone has had a satisfactory experience, they are more than willing to recommend the lawyer’s services and share with you their experience working with him or her.  Word of mouth is a powerful tool and you should take the opportunity to ask as many people as you can.

Search Available Databases

The American Immigration Lawyers Association is a leading national association of attorneys who are affiliated with the American Bar Association and who teach and practice immigration law.  The lawyers who are members of the AILA are usually more apt to be up to date on the most recent laws and immigration reform.  Having experienced lawyers on your side not only gives you the protection that you need, but it can also help you to gain the information that you may be seeking.

Interview Potential Lawyers

Once you have asked for references and searched the AILA database, take your consolidated list of lawyers and interview them.  Interviewing potential candidates gives you the opportunity to seek out the attorney that will be a perfect fit for you and your needs.  Much like interviewing for a babysitter, you can find many qualified candidates, but some will obviously mesh better with you than others.  Immigration cases can vary in so many ways, and conducting interviews will help you find the legal representative that will best fulfill the needs for your specific situation.

Resource Box

It can seem overwhelming to find the perfect immigration lawyer for your particular situation, but by taking each step one at a time, you can find someone who can serve your needs best; someone who can represent your specific case most effectively and successfully.




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