Why Halloween’s No Treat If You’re Arrested For DUI

by gclatworthy on October 4, 2012

Halloween and ‘trick or treating’ is an American tradition and probably the favorite observance for most children across the country. Adults enjoy Halloween also, even though it is not a certified holiday. All local police departments are also aware of the tradition and as such anyone thinking they can drink and drive on Halloween may not be in for much of a treat.  

Drinking And Driving Is Never A Good Idea

Driving under the influence is always a bad decision and attempting to judge how much alcohol can be consumed without crossing the invisible line of .08 is practically impossible. Body processes do not work in short-term increments and an intoxicated driver is the last thing the police want to see. The lawyers at www.mblklawfirm.com advise partgoers to not be surprised to see a DUI checkpoint or a roadblock at any location on the highway.

Halloween is a time of high alert for law enforcement officials because so many children will be at potential pedestrian risk. After the designated “trick or treat” times are expired local law enforcement will be out doing due diligence after individuals that think they can drive under the radar and make it home. The police are serious enough during regular days about driving under the influence. A Halloween DUI could easily aggravate the court system just by virtue of the day it occurred.

Designated Drivers On Halloween

Halloween parties have become a trend in recent years so the smart individual that wants to celebrate Halloween will think before they drink and designate a driver to take them home. Parties often provide a designated delivery process and it is clearly the best and safest plan. It is best because a DUI can cost greatly in fines, incarceration time and driving privilege suspension. How much do you value your driver’s license? How much do you value someone’s life? The opportunity for pedestrian casualties is high on Halloween.

Even for a first offense the comprehensive penalties legislated by all state governments will be significant. Impaired drivers with a prior mark against them are clearly going to pay dearly because fines, incarceration and suspensions graduate with multiple offenders and can create severe difficulty for intoxicated drivers and their families. The laws are structured purposely to make a conviction a hardship on the family as well as the defendant because the family will put pressure on the offender due to the resulting restrictions.

A DUI Is Criminal Behavior

Some individuals regularly practice drinking and driving. They may have been able to do it with some success. On Halloween, the chances of driving drunk successfully are greatly diminished. Always remember that a driving under the influence charge is a criminal charge and will be part of the individual criminal record. For many people it is their only criminal charge nonetheless, it is still criminal and is not acceptable social behavior. Prosecutors are intensely serious about impaired driving. It is not just a DUI.

Halloween is fun for adults as well as children, but it is still primarily focused on children. Drinking alcohol in association with a Halloween celebration is acceptable, but being responsible is a necessity. The “treat” is the ability to enjoy the tradition. If you think the “trick” is being able to sneak home without getting caught, then the recommendation of the police is to think again. 

Article written by Georgina Clatworthy, a legal writer and blog editor.  She is currently a contributing writer for www.mblklawfirm.com. The lawyers at Milligan, Beswick, Levine and Knox can offer help and advice should you find yourself facing charges of driving under the influence this Halloween. Their experience means they will fight to reduce or remove the charges against you, whilst ensuring your rights are fully protected.

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