Cars vs. Trucks: Which Is Involved In More Accidents?

by Ladyblogger on October 5, 2012

There are approximately 6.8 million traffic accidents annually in the U.S., but are specific types of vehicles more likely to be involved in an accident? Speeding, driving under the influence, driver distraction and driver fatigue are the main causes of accidents, but which drivers have a bigger issue with them?

The Human Cost of Accidents

Every year approximately 43,000 people die in the U.S. due to a car accident, and almost 3 million people will suffer from either serious or minor injuries. Car accidents are the number one cause of disability issues, and many victims will spend years dealing with insurance companies and lawsuits in order to get their medical bills taken care of.

Truck Driving Statistics

There are currently approximately 3.5 million truck drivers on the road each day. Statistics show that only 2.4 percent of all car accidents in the U.S. are caused by the driver of a commercial vehicle. According to one Dallas car accident lawyer, in over 75 percent of the accidents that involve a commercial truck, the driver of a passenger vehicle is determined to be at fault. Fatigue is a major cause of accidents in the U.S., but it is only attributed to four percent of the accidents that are caused by truck drivers. In other words, truck drivers are actually much better at taking breaks when they are necessary. In total, approximately 500,000 accidents each year will involve a commercial truck. Due to the size of these vehicles, it is possible to obtain a whiplash injury at a speed of only five mph. Approximately 5,000 people die each year as a result of an accident with a truck, and 98 percent of them are in the other vehicle.

Debunking Common Myths

Most people believe that being a truck driver is an extremely dangerous job, but as the statistics illustrate, it is actually much safer than commuting back and forth every day to an office job. Driving myths are common, though, and most people do not take the time to look into their validity. For example, the majority of motorists on the road today firmly believe that the color of their vehicle will have a big impact on whether or not they are pulled over by a police officer. The prevailing theory behind this is that a flashy color, such as red, is more eye-catching, and therefore a police officer will pay more attention to it. According to years of police and insurance company data, however, there is quite simply nothing to back up this belief. In fact, the sheer number of less flashy colors on the road, including silver and white, automatically causes a higher percentage of traffic tickets.

A similar myth states that drivers of red or blue vehicles are more likely to get into a car accident. Again, all relevant research and statistics indicate that there is absolutely nothing to back up this claim. Your likelihood of being in an accident is not impacted in any way by the color of your vehicle. There are over 102 million people who have a standard driver’s license. Throughout the course of the year, over 6.6 million accidents will be caused by one of these drivers, and approximately 38,000 people will lose their lives. When compared to truck driving statistics, it is easy to conclude that driving a car is much more dangerous than driving a truck.

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