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by on August 13, 2013

Every single day, there are scores of people all over Canada falling foul of the highway traffic act. Many of these people don’t even know that they are doing something wrong until they find a police car pulling up beside them. The problem is, a lot of police officers are handing out tickets without too much thought being put into them, this means that people are being punished, even when they shouldn’t be. The sad thing is, many of these people are never going to fight the ticket, which means they get an undeserving punishment. Don’t worry though, there is a group of people who can help you out, these are paralegals.

So what is a paralegal? Well, to put in the simplest way is a person who is trained to assist a lawyer, but does not hold a formal qualification to do so. As a result, hiring one tends to be far cheaper than a normal traffic ticket lawyer due to the lack of formal qualifications, this doesn’t mean they are necessarily bad at what they do though, in fact, many paralegals are far more experienced than their licensed counterparts.

In Canada, we have the only licensed paralegal system in the western hemisphere with all licenses being dished out by the Law Society of Upper Canada. As the amount of qualifications they have is low, they do have a rather narrow scope of which they can operate. Thankfully for you though, one of the things that a paralegal can tackle is fighting tickets issued under the highway traffic act.

A paralegal is formally recognized by the courts of Canada, which means they will be able to argue the case on your behalf before a judge, pretty much in the same way that a road traffic lawyer would be able to do so. Their job would be to argue your case, and hopefully stop any demerit points or fine being applied to you. Remember, if you pay the fine without fighting it in court you are going to be basically pleasing guilty to the offence, and this means you are going to have points on your license and a negative blotch on your record. This is going to push up the cost of car insurance in the future, and thus this is something that is best avoided. You will be surprised at just how cheap a paralegal is, and how effective they are at tackling road traffic tickets, which is why you should look into hiring one.

If you have to fight a ticket within Canada, then I seriously suggest that you look into the idea of a paralegal over a traffic ticket lawyer. They are able to tackle the job just as effectively, but the price isn’t as high, which means you can avoid punishment at a far lower cost. Remember, if you feel that your ticket is worth fighting, then please do fight it. It will end up costing you a lot less money in the long run!
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