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Howard Hughes – the billionaire whose handwritten will was contested

by Tim Bishop October 13, 2014 Wills

Howard Hughes was one of America’s most pre-eminent business magnates in the 20th century, having become a Hollywood film producer in the 1920s specialising in big-budget controversial films. He was also a keen aviation enthusiasts, setting many world air speed records and forming the Hughes Aircraft corporation. Throughout his life, Hughes amassed a fortune worth […]

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Challenging a UK Will – a brief guide

by Tim Bishop June 11, 2014 Wills

Your Will says what should happen to the things you leave when you die and is intended to make sure that your wishes as to how these things are dealt with are followed. Increasingly, however, it is possible for Wills to be challenged following death, with a number of high profile cases being reported in […]

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Claiming Compensation for Professional Negligence in the UK

by Tim Bishop May 30, 2014 Claims Solicitors

In our everyday lives we come into contact with professionals all of the time -ranging from medical professionals like doctors or dentists to other professionals like surveyors or accountants. Most people working in these occupations are diligent at all times, but it is unfortunately a fact that sometimes things simply go wrong. When something does […]

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Claiming Compensation In The UK -How Does No Win No Fee Work?

by Tim Bishop May 20, 2014 Accident Claims

No win no fee has become a phrase we hear every day of the week in the UK when it comes to legal procedures. Until you are in the situation of thinking about making a claim and paying for legal assistance from a solicitor, understanding exactly what is meant by no win no fee and […]

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Freehold Purchase in England and Wales – Some Questions to Ask

by Tim Bishop May 10, 2014 Property Law

There are many reasons why you should purchase the freehold to your house or flat – security, more control over the running of the building, not having to deal with landlords, increasing the value of your flat, having no ground rent to pay and so on – but what do you need to know about […]

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How Can Trade Mark Infringement Damage Your Business?

by Tim Bishop April 30, 2014 Trademarks

Trade marks can be incredibly important in business. They let your customers know who you are and what you sell, as well as enhancing your brand and building a solid reputation that others can recognise and rely on. But what happens when another company starts using a similar trade mark to your own? Just how […]

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What Is A Directors Disqualification Order And How Could It Affect You?

by Tim Bishop April 20, 2014 Company Law

Getting a Directors Disqualification Order can be one of the worst things to happen to your business – and to yourself as an individual. But what do you have to do in order to be disqualified? What are the consequences? And what should you do if you find yourself in this stressful situation? Here’s a […]

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Long Service Advance Of Pay: Eligibility Requirements

by Tim Bishop April 10, 2014 Military Law

Life serving in military is hard enough with the lengthy periods away from loved ones adding to the physical and emotional strain that is inevitable from military service. In light of this it can be very frustrating for members of the armed forces when confronted with the further problems encountered when trying to find a […]

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Your toe injury and the right to claim compensation

by Tim Bishop March 31, 2014 Compensation Lawyers

It’s a matter of balance; without toes, due to amputation or with a toe injury it is much harder to stay upright, change direction when you are running and walking or wear most close fitting footwear. A toe injury puts you at a discernable physical disadvantage whilst it heals and if it is a serious […]

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Right To Manage: How To Gain Management Control Of Your Building

by Tim Bishop March 2, 2014 Property Law

If you live in a block of leasehold flats in the UK but don’t own the freehold, you may have experienced several problems over the years, whether it’s small things not getting fixed, the flats falling into disrepair, or simply trying to communicate with the landlord or managing agents when a reply is not forthcoming. […]

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