Dispelling the myths about personal injury solicitors

by PaulReflect on December 5, 2013

Despite the fact that they pave the way for many of the people who would not be able to seek compensation for accidents and injuries to do so, there are a number of myths which surround the work that personal injury compensation solicitors do.

Not only do these myths harm the solicitors and their reputations but they can also be responsible for people who have a legal and moral right to make head injury compensation claims failing to do so.

Myth 1 – the ambulance chasing

There are various derogatory terms which follow accident solicitors such as Blackwater road accident solicitors around. One of these is “ambulance chasers” which implies that accident solicitors wait in A&E departments for vulnerable accident victims who they can ensnare. The myth makes it sound as though anyone can claim for compensation and could receive a large payout. In truth, whilst accident law is on the side of the victim, it is only on the side of the genuine victim.

Myth 2 – referring to the insurance policy

Many people believe that if they’re making a claim they can only do so through the solicitor which their own insurance company recommends. Not only could this be frustrating and lengthy for them but it could prevent them from approaching a firm who specialise in claims, such as Blackwater road accident Solicitors.

Myth 3 – no win no fee

Whilst there are various caveats to the no win no fee promise offered by many accident claim solicitors, it is possible for a personal injury claim to be fought on a no win no fee basis. However, with changes to the way that Legal Aid works and the many scaremongering media reports which surrounded this; there are people who aren’t aware that no win no fee cases can still be brought about.

Myth 4 – a claim is just an easy way to make money

Of all the reasons to make a compensation claim, money is often at the bottom of the list. Many people are simply trying to get treatment, rehabilitation or recognition for their suffering and find that any financial award they get is secondary. For the same reasons, seeking compensation should never be seen as an easy way of getting a payout. Although the law recognises that victims of injuries have the right to claim, the process is not easy and therefore, fraudulent or excessive claims tend to be very quickly dealt with.

Myth 5 – the “compensation culture”

Focusing on the apparent ease with which it is possible to make a claim, there have been many reports that we as a country are in the grip of a “compensation culture” where people claim for anything and everything. As has already been stated, only genuine claims tend to be successful and despite some salacious stories to the contrary there are in fact few similarities between the US and UK injury legal systems.

Myth 6 – medical treatment

Many people have the mistaken belief that they will not be able to seek medical help during their claim. However, delaying medical treatment is not only costly but could be exceptionally dangerous to the victim of the accident.

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