£100 Million+ Shortfall Being Faced By Family Law Firms

by PaulReflect September 2, 2014 Family Law

In the latest family law news, it’s been estimated that high street law firms in charge of legal aid family cases are to face a significant short falls in fees. A huge legal aid funding drop of around £110 million has been predicted. The estimate was supplied by Lawyer Supported Mediation (LSM) after the organisation […]

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The benefits of investing in IT help desk services for law firms

by PaulReflect January 2, 2014 Law firm management

With vast changes to Legal Aid in the past year, it’s no exaggeration to state that many law firms are suffering financially. As such, it’s money saving rather than money spending that the majority of Senior Partners are concerned with. Therefore, when it comes to making any investment, such as one into a specially designed […]

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The benefits of using legal case management software

by PaulReflect December 29, 2013 Law firm management

Within the last twenty five years, information technology has become a part of almost every office and building, and it’s difficult to consider that any business could do without the many contributions that information technology can make to their profitability and productivity. However, as technology changes, as do the needs of an individual business, and […]

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Dispelling the myths about personal injury solicitors

by PaulReflect December 5, 2013 Accident Claims

Despite the fact that they pave the way for many of the people who would not be able to seek compensation for accidents and injuries to do so, there are a number of myths which surround the work that personal injury compensation solicitors do. Not only do these myths harm the solicitors and their reputations […]

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Mediation Services Hit By Legal Aid Cuts

by PaulReflect October 24, 2013 Mediation

Prior to the removal of Legal Aid for a number of areas of law, including family disputes, many solicitors warned that the cuts could have drastic consequences. It now appears that these fears have been realised as latest Ministry of Justice figures show that the number of families attending mediation services has dropped significantly since […]

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The President of the family division says the adoption process is ‘too grave’ to be a quick process

by PaulReflect October 4, 2013 Family Law

The latest legal news hears the president of the family division call the adoption process ‘sloppy’ stating that the process requires vast improvements. Sir James Munby, the leading family court judge has stated that the social services ‘sloppy practice’ has meant that the impending 26-week timetable should be ignored and claims that the adoption process […]

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Email, You and the Law

by PaulReflect September 12, 2013 Data Protection Law

Enshrined in Law When thinking about your legal requirements as a solicitor with respect to email, one has to be reminded of a solicitor’s “duty of care” to their client. A solicitor’s duty to his client is to do for him all that he properly can, with of course, proper care and attention. Subject to […]

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Benefits of Legal Accounting Software

by PaulReflect August 27, 2013 Law

Legal accounting software can help the operations of law firms to run extremely smoothly. There is a number of accounting software packages on the market and the vast majority of them come with an array of useful and reliable features. Legal accounts software is used by law firms large and small and can ensure that […]

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Interest rate swap mis-selling redress costs set to swell

by PaulReflect May 27, 2013 Law

The Financial Conduct Authority is investigating interest rate swap mis-selling after taking over from the Financial Services Authority. Although the main banks responsible for mis selling the swaps have already set aside funds for redress, it’s estimated that the eventual costs will eclipse those already reserved for compensation. The scandal has become so controversial that […]

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