Why Your Law Firm Needs to Jump on the Infographics Bandwagon

by Byfield Consultancy on May 26, 2014

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last 18 months, the chances are you’ll already know that infographics are big news in the world of content marketing. And if you don’t then come out from that rock at once and smell the roses.

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An infographic is a concise way to display information, data and knowledge in a manner that is enticing, interesting and above all, valuable to the reader.

Infographics have gone viral in the last few months as SEO ninjas everywhere turn to natural link fishing techniques in light of Google’s recent Hummingbird and Penguin 2.1 overhaul. Spam has had its heyday but now it’s time for the evergreen content to reign high.

The question is: how can throwing money at a fancy infographic thing benefit your law firm and drive it forward? Well, from web traffic boosts to raising brand awareness, well-designed law related infographics have the potential to go viral. And viral is valuable.

Cosmic Blog Engagement

Blogging at least once a week is now considered to be essential, but without terrific blog engagement your content strategy will fall flat on its face. First class infographics tend to generate comments and reaction leading to more followers, higher traffic and improved blog engagement.

Colossal Share Potential

The biggest benefit of infographics is probably their potential to be shared across a wide range of social platforms and websites. Take this super recent infographic assembled by Matt Daniels – a designer, coder and data scientist who works at a management consulting firm in NYC.

Daniels decided to put his skills to the test and analysed famous hip-hop artists to find out which MC currently holds the title for the widest vocabulary in rap. Since publishing the infographic just days ago the reception has been immense and at the time of writing has been shared 2,578 times on twitter and achieved 63,393 likes on Facebook. A prime example of high-value, shareable content hitting the mark.

The Traffic Rocket Express

If you create an infographic that’s amazing enough, this can be your one way ticket to the traffic universe. Inbound links, referral traffic, improved SEO and heightened brand awareness are all feats which can be achieved off the back of your infographic’s success.

A Little Thing Called Credibility

Nobody wants to be known as that dead horse brand forever regurgitating bland content to a bored demographic. Don’t just follow the trailblazers, make the effort to think outside the box and find unique territory that’s just waiting to be covered.

Publishing one piece of relevant, divergent content is much more likely to strike a chord with your audience than 100 rehashed articles. Find your niche and dive in head first.

Sold on the idea of a law infographic but haven’t the foggiest idea of where to start? Enlist the help of legal PR Company Byfield Consultancy. This London based PR Company have a reputation for raising the profile of businesses by using a number of tried and tested PR techniques that actually work. Visit the website to find out what Byfield Consultancy is all about.

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