5 Internet Marketing Tips for Lawyers

by LNLawMkting on November 6, 2012

Internet marketing can involve a variety of technologies, software and hardware, but certain promotional methods are practically guaranteed to work. For example, a professionally-designed website with keyword-rich content is standard-issue for online promotions. Advanced marketing could include cross-promotional branding, interactive social networking, mobile campaigns and local search optimization.

Here are five Internet marketing tips for lawyers to consider:

1. Professional Website Design Is a Must
The way your website looks is not nearly as important as the way it behaves. A legal website needs to function well for users and also have a backend structure that attracts search engines, such as Google and Bing. The best way to be found online and draw abundant local traffic is to be sure all the visible and hidden elements of the site’s design are expertly aligned. Professionally-designed websites should be handsome, fully-functional, and able to broadcast clear and positive signals to search engines.

2. Cross-Promotional Branding Builds Confidence
Sending a clear message about your law firm is just as important as a good web design. Cross-promotional branding means keeping your marketing message the same across all mediums. Logos, slogans and graphics should retain the same flavor and message across videos, web pages and social media. Cross promotional marketing is a method of reinforcing the brand identity of a business and building more confidence among consumers.

3. Social Networking For Law Firms
Twitter, Google+, Facebook and all the other social networks are not just for personal socializing. Law firms can use social media’s powerful marketing tools to form interested groups of friends and fans. These social followers can help generate interest, and their experiences may be shared across a wide-ranging network.

4. The Benefits of Mobile Marketing
Smartphones and other mobile devices are responsible for a fair share web traffic these days, and experts see no end in sight for Internet technology that moves. Mobile marketing can target local consumers with relevant information and interactive apps. Just the act of creating smaller web pages to fit mobile screens can put any website to better advantage.

5. Local Search For Local Businesses
The Internet provides a vast landscape for marketers to prospect, but many businesses have difficulty being found among the competition. Local web owners can narrow the focus by letting search engines know more about their businesses. Any law firm can register for free online directories, such as Google+ Local, to establish their location, contact information, reputation, and other pertinent content about the practice and its attorneys. Enhanced local search is one of the best ways to get Internet marketing results in a hurry.

About the Author: Jeremy Sherman is a freelance writer for LexisNexis Law Firm Marketing Solutions, which specializes in helping law firms maximize their online presence in order to grow their practice. Visit the LexisNexis blog for more information about online marketing for lawyers.




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