Seven simple things for US patent attorneys to know about Australia

by Wadeson IP on October 12, 2015

  1. Australia is a good place to file a patent application. It has one of the world’s larger economies, which includes strong mining, agriculture, manufacturing and service industries, and a world class IP system.
  2. 12 month Paris Convention deadline
  3. 31 month PCT national phase deadline
  4. Absolute novelty
  5. Standard (20 year) patents available for non-obvious inventions.
  6. Innovation (8 year) patents available for ‘lesser’ inventions.
  7. The differences between the Australian patent system and the US patent system can be worked in your client’s favour.

 Why file an Australian patent application?

Australia is modern nation of about 23 million people and has the world’s 12th largest economy with a GDP of about 1.6 trillion USD, representing about 2% of the world economy.[1] Its strong economic performance in conjunction with political and legal stability provides an attractive, safe and low-risk environment in which to do business.

A ‘world class IP System that fosters innovation and promotes trade, investment and competitiveness’ supports this economic activity. The Australian patent system is administered by IP Australia which identifies its mission as ‘Robust intellectual property rights delivered efficiently’. IP Australia takes quality seriously (see here and here).[2]

Blessed with a wide variety of fossil fuels and other resources including metal ores, oil, gas and coal, Australia’s major industries include mining, agriculture and manufacturing. These traditional industries are supported by a growing service sector that now accounts for about 80% of GDP.  ‑> more


[1] Austrade

[2] IP Australia


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