Sports Injuries: Who’s Liable?

There is no doubt that sports have become important part of life for many. It instills dedication and determination in someone and offers them fitness and stress relief, both extremely necessary in this day and age. Sports also involve social interaction and teamwork skills. However, participating in sports does pose the risk of injury. If sports injuries are due to negligence of another party, there is opportunity for the injured to take legal action and collect the financial losses incurred as a result of the injury.

Sports Injury Cases on the Rise
Over the past few years, sports injury cases have been on the rise. In such cases, individuals have claimed financial compensation against negligence shown on the field of play. There have been several successful high-value cases involving high-profile parties, which have attracted media spotlight.

Negligence Is the Root Cause of Most Sports Injuries
Even though sports injury laws might vary in by country, the idea of negligence is common among all of them. It is negligence that leads to most injuries. It can be described (in legal terminology) as conduct that falls below the standard that is desirable or conventional.

It was not long before many courts across different countries came up with a relevant standard, which the party (against whom the case has been filed) should abide by if they are to have any chance of winning a suit. Since it is difficult to use a particular sports-related incident to determine law, many courts identify certain behavior as gross negligence and reckless disregard. Thus, if the involved parties fail to meet the standard of care expected by law, they are liable for the injury of the athlete.

Standards To Be Followed During a Sporting Event by Different Parties
If you wish to make a negligence claim, you should be aware of the below standards, which are necessary to be followed during sports activities.

Sports supervisors have the responsibility of taking care of both the participants and the spectators. These supervisors include managers, trainers, organizers, volunteers and medical advisors. For school events, even the sports supervising body can be held responsible for any kind of injury incurred by a pupil during school sporting events.

Participants have responsibility toward one another for preventing foreseeable injuries. It holds true for different officials involved in the game and the spectators watching it, as well.

Referees and match officials involved in sporting events are responsible for making sure that participants are abiding by the rules of the game and playing safely.

Coaches involved in the game are responsible for taking care of their team members. The standards, which every coach must follow, include proper training, vigilant supervision and appropriate and competent medical care. Coaches also must ensure that team members are made aware of the dangers involved in play.

Organizers hold the responsibility of making sure that participants with any transmittable disease do not take part in any environment where such diseases can be transmitted to another participant.

Schools have a special responsibility for supervising children when they are on school premises. They also must provide participants with adequate protection.

Injuries might happen to you or anyone during a sporting event. However, if injuries take place due to negligence of other parties involved in the event, they hold the liability for your loss. You only need to collect the evidence and hire the best attorney to win a case and collect the financial compensation you need to treat your injuries.

This article was provided by Sandy Wallace aspiring lawyer and avid sports fan. If you or a loved one has suffered traumatic brain injuries –due to sports accidents or otherwise—Sandy suggests the services of Bailey & Partners.




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