Calculating Auto Injury Settlement Claims with an Online Calculator

Working Out an Approximate Answer to Injury Claims

Let’s face it we live in a world of blame. Where there is blame there is a claim. That’s what we hear consistently.

It could be a simple dog bite, an angry punch from the neighbour, auto accident, whiplash injury or indeed anything that causes us to be injured and incur expense.

The problem is how do we decide if it’s worth our while to make an injury claim. Often there are occasions when we would like to work out what a potential injury claim might be worth but it seems impossible to get a specific answer from anywhere.

There is a very good reason for not being able to get a clear answer. It is simply because there is no specific computational method. When a claim is assessed there are a huge variety of factors involved. Some of these are specific whilst some are a bit more intangible. Specifics might include a type of injury e.g. loss of sight in one eye, whereas intangible factors might include delay, difficultness and obfuscation by third parties that may have added to the claimants expenses along the way. Let us take the example of a whiplash claim that has arisen as the result of an auto accident. The claimant has suffered whiplash. It is a medically proven fact. that is the diagnosis and it is not disputed. Howver, if we compared ten cases of whiplash how would we determine the degree of suffering by each person. how could we measure indivdual pain? The answer is that we cannot. This is why it is historically so difficult to get and answer to a seemingly straight forward question.

Is It Possible to Quantify Damages with an Online Injury Calculator?

In simple terms if we apply logic to the problem of answering “How much is my claim worth” then it is reasonable to assume that while we cannot give a specific mathematical and absolute answer we could reasonably look at historical data that would determine a range of potential awards from low to high. e.g. it would be likely that if a claimant had a similar claim then their successful award would come within that answer range. The personal injury calculator uses this range method of producing an answer for how much a claim might be worth.

Historic information regarding types of specific injury claims have been identified and these figures are then manipulated by a multiplier effect based on the answers to more intangible questions. This seems like a very smart approach to that old chestnut “How long is a piece of string” or in our case “how much is my claim worth”

This method is not failsafe but from the man in the street point of view it is a starting point for getting an answer to a very simple question.

Without doubt it goes without saying that at present this is a very uncertain science and it can never be exact but it is certainly a topic that may be worthy of development. More data and input could eventually create a very worthwhile tool.  It will never put any attorneys out of work but it will certainly aid the little guy. We often seem to forget about him. Maybe here is a way of redressing the balance!




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