Is Divorce The Best Solution For You?

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ on February 2, 2021

Divorce is not a simple decision, nor should it be easily taken. Determining whether divorce is the solution for your marital problems is important.

 You need to first seek expert advice such as from marriage counseling. If you considering divorce, it’s necessary to have a realistic view of the situation, which may be incredibly hard to accomplish when there are emotions involved.

It’s a human tendency that we also only observe things from our perspective.

Don’t assume a divorce will make your life easy

Divorce can not bring happiness. It is not enough to make people happy until there are terrible situations only to get away from our partner.

You still have yourself and your problems to deal with, and your next relationship will always be a reality. We don’t say divorce is the best solution for every situation.

Divorce is typically the solution for couples with major problems such as heavy conflict, abuse, mental health, alcohol or drug abuse or, financial mismanagement.

Following are the consequence you face after divorce:

  • Reduced standard of living
  • Affect children’s lives as they become urban migrants including a logistical issue of coordination between two houses
  • The impact on your family, friends, and others close to you as they see your children and your family collapse
  • Sometimes, children have to start doing jobs at an early age to support the family.
  • Children or teenagers are burdened with managing the powerful emotions of their parents when divorced.
  • Children have to learn to deal with new relationships, children, etc.
  • You don’t truly get rid of your current spouse/partner when you have the kids together or have ex-spouse issues with communication.
  • New relationship and the various hurdles to building a stepfamily

Before you take up those difficulties, be sure that your relationship is needy for divorce. And that you have investigated in depth in mind to increase your level of happiness.

By preventing the chaos of divorce, you, your family, and your marriage may be saved in this way. It will also help you to ensure that in your next relationship you don’t recreate the same problems.  Consider always when it genuinely increases your happiness.

When do we consider divorce?

It is difficult to determine whether divorce is the solution. Here are some data to help you assess if your relationship needs space:

1. Both partners are unwilling to accept changes of each other

People change during life, and it is better to consider divorce if a partner does not want to accept the changes.

2. One or both partners no longer want to be in marriage:

This sounds simple enough, yet many people still try out a false sense of responsibility to preserve a marriage. Divorce may be the best decision if you do not intend to save a marriage.

3. Both partners are unwilling to accept responsibility for the relationship

Marriage is always between two people. Hence, both should have equal rights to control and say over the relationship. If this is not the case, then the solution is divorce.


You should make a date at least once a week or start to notice other people, participate in activities, and get back into things.

No matter you’re suffering anguish, bitterness, or irritation, you must remember your children and keep on being a good parent. Just remember, time and people heal all your ills, and again you will be happy.

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