Why Do Modern Law Firms Need a Client Portal?

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ on February 4, 2021

Have you ever considered using a secure client portal at your law firm?

If not, then surely you should take that into your law practice soon. With so much to deliver, the client portal is the new element that clients look for in a law firm nowadays. 

What exactly does a client portal mean?

The client portal is a secure platform that allows a continuous flow of information, documents, files, and messages from both clients and lawyers. 

The organization can use this portal to easily communicate with clients from anywhere, anytime.

5 reasons why client portal is beneficial for your law firm

1. 24 Hours Login Availability

The client portal always serves its benefits 24 hours a day, by letting you interact with your client anytime. It doesn’t matter whether it’s 12 am or 12 pm, if the client wants to share or give feedback regarding any case-related document or matter then it can be done in a single click. 

2.  Virtually Secure Lobbies

Clients do not like to visit legal offices as health is a major concern today. Client’s are seeing flexibility among law firms. If your firm is lagging in providing the right technology, then your clients may think twice before taking assistance from your firm. 

With the secure client portal, both the clients and the lawyer can smoothly share any documents and files without any security trouble in between. 

3. Hassle-free Communication

How many times are you able to communicate with your client over a call or an email? How many times has information been received without any further doubt?

Multiple methods of communication result in lots of trouble for both clients as well as lawyers. With the client portal, a centralized place is created where both the lawyer and the client can interact seamlessly throughout the day whenever needed. 

4. Integration with Case Management Software

Some cloud-based, legal case management software integrates with online client portals like CaseFox. A lawyer can opt for a law practice management software that offers a client portal as well, so that he or she get all the features under a single software, thereby saving a lot of money and time. 

5. Document And Bill Sharing

Confidentiality of documents and bills becomes hectic when a lawyer uses different modes to share them. With a secure online client portal, lawyers can easily share any documents and bills safely with the client without any fear of losing the data. 


The hardest part is not to get a secure client portal, it’s to take initiative to bring and adapt the feature into your law firm work culture. With so much pandemic hike going around, no one is willing to visit ground sites or offices. Your law firm needs clients to earn profit. But if you as a law firm aren’t ready to get new things like an online client portal at your workspace, then you may be losing clients. A client portal helps both lawyer and its client to run the case smoothly.

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