Cities with the Lowest Divorce Rates

by RyanD on May 22, 2013


Divorce in America is a common occurrence. In fact, some statistics put the odds of getting divorced versus staying together at an even 50/50.  However, there are myriad factors that help determine the outcome of a marriage. Celebrities, for instance, seem to be much more prone to divorce than the average person. Another aspect that can hinder or help the “happily ever after” ending is geography – some cities have much lower divorce rates than other areas.

According to the five-year estimates of the American Community Survey, five cities that maintain some of the lowest divorce rates include New York City, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston. When it comes to states, Massachusetts and New Jersey tend to have lower divorce rates than the remaining 48.

The Reasons
There are a variety of reasons divorce is lower in the aforementioned places. Some speculate, for instance, that New York City ranks low in divorce simply because it is difficult – not to mention expensive – to get divorced in this region. However, overall these cities maintain several commonalities that may help reveal why they rank where they do.

The Numbers
One factor that must be considered comes down to simple math. New York City, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston all have a tendency to be home to more single people than married people. This alone leads to a lower divorce rate.

Political Stance and Religion
Political stance and religion may also help decipher the numbers. Cities in blue states tend to have divorce rates lower than cities in red states. Along these lines, states with a large presence of Catholics also tend to have lower divorce rates. This is likely due to the sanctity of marriage that Catholicism maintains.

Age and Education
Two more dynamics to take into consideration are age at marriage and educational level. Typically, people who marry after the age of 25 are less likely to get divorced than those who marry in their late teens or early twenties. Attending college also decreases your chance of getting divorced. New York City, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston all possess higher than average populations of people who stay single longer. Each city also possesses a strong collegiate presence.

Other Factors
Other factors that may help explain the low divorce rates in these regions include familial history, living situation, and children. People who have parents that are still married, people who live together before marriage, and people who have children with their spouse are all less likely to get divorced.

The Baseball Basis
One unusual quality that may help spouses stay married is baseball. Each of the cities mentioned all have at least one professional baseball team. According to a study conducted by the University of Denver Center for Marital and Family Studies, people who live in cities with baseball teams are 28 percent less likely to be divorced. It is speculated that this may be because baseball games tend to be fun and give spouses a chance to speak to each other as friends.

Whatever the reasons, people who live in baseball-friendly cities are more likely to go to bat for their spouses.


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