When is a Marriage Not Legally Binding?

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers May 20, 2014 Law

Pop songstress Foxes is reported as being uncertain of her marital status following a drunken ceremony at Glastonbury, in an interview with Metro magazine. She recalls hazy memories of a marriage ceremony in the after-party at Shangri-La, but has no idea where her festival “hubby” could be, revealing that they lost touch. She is reported […]

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Survery Says Cohabitation Before Marriage Does Not Cause Divorce

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers March 11, 2014 Family Law

According to a new scientific survey, cohabitation before marriage does not affect a couple’s prospects of getting divorced. The study was carried out by sociologist Arielle Kuperberg from the University of Carolina and involved comparing relationships using the length of time that couples had lived together before marriage, instead of the age when they moved […]

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Put a Ring on It (But Only if it’s a Good Ring & You Ask Nicely)

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers February 6, 2014 Law

The Daily Mail reports that 1 in 5 brides to be are disappointed by the  proposal by their future husbands, be it as a result of a substandard ring, no  ring at all or a lack of ‘romance’ in the proposal. A huge 13% of those surveyed said the proposal had been so  disappointing they […]

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Rise in Couples Choosing to Divorce after Less Than a Year Together

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers February 3, 2014 Law

In my experience some couples rush into marriage without considering the  financial consequences that marriage can bring. Couples can get swept away with  the romance of marriage and some turn their focus away from the relationship  towards creating a fairy tale wedding. Having a “perfect” wedding can be  expensive and this can put financial strain […]

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Family Law Solicitor asks – Pre-Nup for Sarah Ferguson & Prince Andrew?

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers October 2, 2013 Law

According to recent reports The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson has indicated that re-marriage may be on the horizon for her and Prince Andrew. They have been the subject of much talk in the press since their Divorce was finalised in 1996. It has been reported that the royal couple maintained good relations following their […]

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Family Law Solicitor on our revealing marriage survey results

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers October 1, 2013 Law

The family team at Slater & Gordon have recently carried out some market research which has revealed that couples find the fifth year of marriage the hardest to overcome. Does this put the lie to the fabled “7-year itch”? In fact, the seventh year appears to remain one of the hardest to get through, with […]

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Cities with the Lowest Divorce Rates

by RyanD May 22, 2013 Divorce

Divorce in America is a common occurrence. In fact, some statistics put the odds of getting divorced versus staying together at an even 50/50.  However, there are myriad factors that help determine the outcome of a marriage. Celebrities, for instance, seem to be much more prone to divorce than the average person. Another aspect that can hinder […]

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What Is Legal Separation?

by legalbite August 2, 2012 Divorce

Legal separation is a process where you can legally separate from your spouse but you remain married without some of the normal legal obligations to your spouse. Some people may prefer this option to divorce as they may not want to divorce as it goes against their religious beliefs, or they have not been married […]

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