Do you need a conveyancing solicitor!

by duncan12 on December 3, 2012

People trying to handle their own conveyancing in recent times have been increasing as there are many ‘do it yourself’ tools available from various conveyancing resources. As such there is no hard fast rule that one should not do their own conveyancing but there are many shortcomings which one has to consider.

What do you expect from a conveyancing solicitor!

On hiring a conveyancing solicitor they would give you a clear picture of what is in store for you, their terms and conditions, the do’s and don’ts, what they are prepared to do for you and what they won’t.

Their main job is to manage and synchronize all the parties involved in a transaction leading towards the final transfer of the property in your name. They would take the cudgels on your behalf in corresponding with the parties involved in a conveyancing process such as other side solicitors; statutory bodies’ etc. conveyancing is a complicated process which involves many small but important steps. While preparing the paperwork nothing can be left and should be filed correctly with the relevant authorities and funds are release at the right time.

A well versed and knowledgeable conveyancing solicitor having experience could foresee  potential problems, they conduct due diligence, such as checking old paperwork which has not been registered properly, clauses in documents by previous owners or boundary problems which may not be easy for someone to spot who ventures to do his own conveyancing. Bringing them to your notice will give you the chance to make the best decision. Any transfer of property could involve parties who may not be clean and you would be alerted by an experienced solicitor who would check the credentials of such people.

Hiring a conveyancing solicitor gives you an added level of protection and peace of mind that a professional handles your case and even if anything does go wrong you have the option of claiming against them for professional dereliction which is covered by a professional indemnity insurance that every conveyancing solicitor is required to have by law.

Law firms are also regulated by a professional body called the solicitors regulation authority so if you have any reason to complain your complaint will always be answered to your satisfaction.

Other factors which could also be a cause of worry when you plan to move you may or may not have found your property in the area where you would want to move to, you may not be in a position to get conveyancing done all by yourself when you have other things to bother for. You may have some repair works to be taken in the property which would need your time and money that may cause some stress meanwhile the paperwork which could require some professional handling could not be taken lightly either.

If it is a commercial property, conveyancing could be complex and you would definitely require an expert you can trust. If you are buying a commercial property you should hire a legal specialist who would have experience of working alongside commercial lenders and private banks.

Please let a professional handle your transaction and let a solicitor deal with it so you can focus on what is important to you.

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