How to write a good declaration for an Asylum Application

by eman1911 on December 2, 2012

The asylum declaration can be the most important part of an asylum application. So what is the declaration? It’s basically the applicants life story and reason why he/she deserves asylum in the United States. An asylum lawyer will tell you that this can make or break your case. The asylum lawyer will also tell you that you should take this part of the application very seriously. Why? This is your chance to tell the asylum officer everything that you have gone through throughout your life. If you have suffered abuse, torture, beatings, rape, or anything that can be seems as persecution, here is your chance to let the asylum officer know. As an asylum lawyer, I tell my clients to be very thorough with their story. Asylum lawyers will want detailed story’s and they will usually help their clients write the story. Here are my asylum lawyer tips for writing a solid declaration: 1) tell your life story. Begin by writing about when and where you were born. Write about your family and siblings. Write about your neighborhood and the people in your area. The idea is to give a detailed and vivid picture to the asylum offices of what was going on in your life. 2) write in detail. Details will win or lose your case. If you omit important details, you will likely lose your case for lack of details. If you fill it up with details, you will have a much better chance at obtaining asylum. An asylum lawyer will tell you that details are the applicants best friend here. Its very easy for someone to write “I was persecuted by my government.” The problem is that the asylum offices doesn’t know what that means. No details are written. Who persecuted you? Where? When? How? Why? The asylum officer will think you are making up the story because you lack in details. When something really happens to someone, especially when it is something traumatic or life changing, humans have a tendency to remember them in clear detail. So remember, an asylum lawyer will tell you details details details. 3) always tell the asylum officer that you fear going back home. It make sound redundant, but its necessary. Express in your declaration why you fear going back home and what awaits you if you are sent back home. Remember, give a clear pictures of the dangers you face so the asylum officer can visualize it and see what your going through. 4) and lastly, never talk about how you love America because it is a land of wealth and opportunity to make a great living. This is the fastest way to get denied. Asylum is not for people seeking economic opportunity, but rather for those who have suffered or will likely suffer great harm.

By, Eman Pahlavani, esq.




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