How to Determine When an Intervention is Necessary

by JRO January 23, 2014 Health Law

Substance addiction is a complicated disease. Unfortunately, many people do not understand why people become victims of substance abuse. Contrary to what many people believe, substance abusers simply can’t quit on their own because quitting is very difficult. Many treatment and therapy options are available to help. However, an intervention is often necessary to help […]

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All About Groundwater Expert Witnesses

by JRO January 8, 2014 Conflict Resolution

Expert witnesses are often called upon to testify in trials. Sometimes their testimony is a key factor in determining the outcome of litigation. Since cases involving the contamination of groundwater often come to trial, groundwater expert witnesses play an important role in providing information to the court. What an Expert Witness Is An expert witness […]

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Identity Theft in Non-Digital Scenarios

by JRO December 23, 2013 Criminal Law

In this day and age, people are concerned with how they might have their identity stolen online. From Internet scams to email hacking to stolen credit card information, online identity theft is a very prevalent problem in our society. Unfortunately, while online identity theft has boomed, low tech, more traditional forms of identity theft have […]

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What to Know About Marine Accident Investigation

by JRO December 20, 2013 Accident Claims Law

Marine accidents provide dangers not only to those involved but also to the environment where the accident occurs. The severity of these accidents and their far-reaching impact is the subject of various investigatory bodies. Their objective is to uncover the cause of the accident, what factors were attributable to human versus natural causes, and what […]

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What is the National Accounts System?

by JRO December 20, 2013 Finance

As nations and their economies evolved during the 20th century, a need to develop a system that accurately measured aggregate economic activity arose. This system is called the national account system, or NAS. In a national account system, accounting techniques are combined to measure the economic activity of a nation. It includes elements of double-entry […]

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Is Frivolous Litigation a Real Problem Nowadays?

by JRO November 23, 2013 Personal Injury

There is a growing debate about the number of lawsuits filed in the United States and the impact such filings have on the legal system. One side claims that the litigious nature of Americans, egged on in part by personal injury and tort attorneys, results in an inordinate number of “frivolous” lawsuits that are a […]

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