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Has Social Media Made The Litigation World A Smaller Place?

by Vannin Capital April 1, 2014 Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Instant global communication and easy access to vast sources of potential evidence: such are the two main tools that social media offers to the world of litigation. Thus, simultaneously social media has both shrunk and enlarged the litigation world. Taking Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as the largest social media platforms, the statistics speak for themselves. […]

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High Profile Litigation Cases

by Vannin Capital March 18, 2014 Law

Over the past two years London has been establishing its place as the location of choice for the resolution of high profile commercial cases. The High Court here has been the arbitrator of a wide range of commercial disputes, ranging from private client disputes, and including big-ticket commercial claims. Banking cases are unsurprisingly prominent, bearing […]

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What Is The Impact Of The Association Of Litigation Funders’ Code Of Conduct?

by Vannin Capital June 27, 2013 Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

As a relatively new but fast-expanding industry, third party litigation funding has not always been regarded as the most ethical of legal-financial activities.  A nine hundred year legacy of being illegal, because of champerty and maintenance constraints on third parties financing others’ litigation, is not easy to shed. Even after the Jackson Report of 2010 […]

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