The Court of Protection – Open to the public?

by EdwardHandsandLewis October 24, 2013 Blawg

The new president of the Family Division courts has echoed previous plans to make the Court of Protection open to the public. The plans have been talked about for some time now, and it was reported yesterday that the new president Sir James Munby agreed with the plans. The Court of Protection makes important decisions […]

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A new breed of Solicitor – the self defender

by Michael Wright August 9, 2013 Law

What do you call a dozen Lawyers at the bottom of the Atlantic, a good start! Can you really imagine a world without Lawyers? Ah, Utopia I hear you sing. Is that really the way the Scottish Legal system is heading. If Messrs McQueen (CEO, Scottish Court Service) MacAskill (SNP, MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Justice, […]

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Dealing with Probate – What you need to know

by EdwardHandsandLewis July 11, 2013 Blawg

By Emma Fuller We understand that some people are nervous of approaching Solicitors if they need help with Probate as there are concerns of the costs.  However, not everyone charges in the same way. We have several pricing options, which helps families to get the help they need, but gives them the flexibility to choose […]

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Solicitors in Norwich warn residents over door-to-door solicitors

by GordonDean July 11, 2013 Law

It has recently been brought to attention that there has been a great rise in door-to-door solicitors in the UK. This is worrying as there have been multiple cases of individuals paying a significantly larger amount than what they should be paying as fraudsters and unregulated salesmen take advantage of the innocent. Norwich Solicitors Gordon […]

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Solicitors and Barristers: what is the difference?

by GuyDunkley May 30, 2013 Law

Solicitors and barristers have traditionally held very different positions and have been easily to distinguish from one another. In the 21st century this line has blurred and increasingly both barristers and solicitors have been performing several similar services. Solicitors are fully qualified lawyers who have undertaken post-graduate education and a two-year on-the-job training period. Although […]

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The future of employer`s liability claims

by John Hirst May 23, 2013 Personal Injury

At the heart of the regulatory framework for employer’s liability claims is section 47 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 which establishes a presumption that civil liability arises for breach of any health and safety regulations made under the Act unless expressly excluded in the regulations. This is all set to change later this […]

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Mortgage Approval Rise

by EdwardHandsandLewis May 15, 2013 Blawg

By Kulzinder Garcha The Guardian has recently reported that mortgage approvals for house prices has risen in March after falling through winter. Bank of England have disclosed that activity is picking up for house mortgages and remortgages. Bank of England stated that 53,504 mortgage loans were approved during March whereas in February it was at […]

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32 Red plc v WHG (International) Ltd – Trademark Infringement Case Comment

by John Hirst May 10, 2013 IP & Technology

The recent case of 32Red plc v WHG (International) Ltd and other companies concerned the infringement of rights protected by European Community trademarks (an EU wide trademark which circumvents the need to register the trademark in every European country where the name company trade). The Community trademark infringed in this case was the protected name […]

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Well I declare! Why use a Declaration of Trust.

by EdwardHandsandLewis May 9, 2013 Banking and Finance Law

A Declaration of Trust is an arrangement setting out who shall have the ownership of an asset and be able to benefit from it.  This is important if your assets include land or business interests. A declaration of trust is a binding statement by the legal owner of an asset declaring that he holds the […]

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The basics of Pre-nuptial Agreements in England & Wales

by John Hirst May 9, 2013 Family Law

What is a Pre-nuptial Agreement? A Pre-nuptial Agreement or Pre-marital Agreement is effectively a written contract between two people who intend to marry, which sets out and regulates how the parties` finances and assets should be distributed upon divorce. These types of agreements are becoming more and more popular in England & Wales as they […]

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