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Owning a property abroad will require an update to your will

by Fletcher Day September 25, 2015 Guest legal blogging

Those who own a property in Europe are now able to exercise their freedom regarding who they decide will inherit their asset but if the owner wants to benefit from this they will have to take a look at their own will. The EU Succession laws are seeing a change and this means that it […]

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Making Safety a #1 Priority at Your Rental Property

by Andrew Miller December 17, 2013 Property Law

Becoming a landlord is an investment in time and energy. You’re loaning a home – in exchange for money – to someone who is usually a total stranger. You’re trusting that person to care for your home as you would … and to pay rent on time so that you can make your mortgage and […]

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What searches are carried out when I buy a property?

by EdwardHandsandLewis August 6, 2013 Law

By Kulzinder Garcha   It is important when purchasing a property that certain searches are carried out prior to the exchange of contract as there may be some important information or expensive charges linked to the property that aren’t previously known.   Local Land Charges Search The local authority is required to keep a publicly […]

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Land Lord Stories

by GuyDunkley June 6, 2013 Law

A landlord lets in a ‘hippie’ type family as he is anxious to have tenants in his empty property and the family say that they are desperate for accommodation. He is not entirely happy about them but feels that letting them in will be better than leaving the property empty. Once in, they proceed to […]

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Sunshine and blue skies – Will it last?

by LawFirmNetwork May 7, 2013 Blawg

Looking out from the offices today I see that the sun is shining and we have some glorious blue skies across Cambridgeshire.  I can only hope that it will last through to the weekend so that I can give the grass its second cut of the year. To match the great weather I saw the […]

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UCB Home Loans Corporation Ltd v Soni & Soni & Co 2013 EWCA Civ 62

by Mo Afzal March 6, 2013 Fraud

A lender has failed in its appeal against a finding that a solicitor was not liable under the Partnership Act for mortgage fraud committed by her former partner as she was unaware of the misrepresentations made by him. In UCB Home Loans Corporation Ltd v Soni & Soni & Co [2013] EWCA Civ 62, the […]

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Legal Considerations You Should Make Before Subletting

by RyanD November 3, 2012 Property

(US law and generally) If you are renting a property, you may have the right to sublet the property if you can no longer fulfill your tenant obligations. You may also be able to sublet only one room of the apartment of the home if you cannot cover rents on your own. Subletting, also referred […]

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Constructive trusts

by evolvedlegal July 12, 2012 Property Law

What is a Constructive Trust? A constructive trust is a trust that can be imposed on parties by the court at equity, if it is just and reasonable to do so. This prevents certain parties from being unjustly enriched, particularly where the other party cannot claim an interest because of legal technicalities. This form of […]

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