Carl Mills convicted of murder in the Crown Court

by Direct 2 Lawyers July 18, 2013 Criminal Law

The CPS and The Independent have reported that a violent alcoholic who torched his girlfriend’s home has been jailed for a minimum of 30 years after being found guilty of three counts of murder. Mr Carl Mills, 28, bombarded his girlfriend, Kayleigh Buckley, 17, with text messages and threatened to “burn your house down” as […]

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The Casey Anthony Story- A Compelling Movie or Story Written in Poor Taste?

by RyanD September 25, 2012 Criminal Law

After the jury gave a not guilty verdict regarding the allegations against Casey Anthony about murdering her daughter, a Florida prosecutor, Jeff Ashton wrote a book about the case entitled Imperfect Justice – Prosecuting Casey Anthony. Since the book has been published, Lifetime TV has discussed making the book into a movie. The issue following […]

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Texas Man Convicted of Killing Neighbor Despite Stand Your Ground Defense

by RyanD August 10, 2012 Criminal Law

A Texas jury convicted 46-year-old Raul Rodriguez of murder for shooting his unarmed neighbor in a dispute in 2010. Rodgriguez claimed that he was acting in self-defense according to the state’s version of a “stand your ground” law. Rodriguez Invokes Stand Your Ground Defense The dispute arose when Rodriguez became upset due to the level […]

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