CCJ’s Explained – How to Avoid Years of Inconvenience

by pennyspennies August 9, 2013 Debt Recovery
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Imagine you have been trying to obtain credit and failing because you did not respond adequately to a letter you received six years ago. Imagine all those years of frustration as your applications for phone contracts, credit cards and loans have been turned down, watching your dreams of owning a property come to nothing. This […]

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Disability Denial: Our Family’s Story

by RyanD December 5, 2012 Disability Discrimination

I still remember the day my husband came home from work with exciting news. He had been offered a promotion. He hadn’t hesitated to accept the offer of more money than he’d ever made before. It wasn’t even hard work, he said. The last three guys had quit because of the stink, he said. But […]

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HMRC Disgrace Tax Avoiders in Government Crack Down

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ August 3, 2012 Tax Law

After rows over Jimmy Carr’s yearly £3.3million tax avoidance, the HMRC has promised to come down hard on tax avoiders. The Government is giving them new authority to establish a list of all offenders, in the hope that shaming these individuals will dissuade them from continuing their legal, but morally questionable, practices. Jimmy Carr Stand-up […]

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