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The Biggest Myths and Misconceptions about Hiring a Medical Malpractice Attorney?

by Zelick Glimelstein March 7, 2014 Clinical medical negligence

When it comes to hiring a medical malpractice attorney, what kind of questions run through your mind?  What type of feedback have you heard from your family members, friends, and work colleagues?  Do you buy into the hype that medical malpractice lawsuits are almost always impossible to win?  If you do, it’s high time you […]

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Medication Error? What To Do About Who’s At Fault

by Ladyblogger August 31, 2013 Clinical medical negligence

Medication Error? What To Do About Who’s At Fault Medication or prescription error is another form of negligence that is committed by physicians, pharmacists, hospitals and nurses. It’s estimated that approximately 1.5 million individuals in the hospital today are due to a medication errors. The areas can occur in several places such as nursing homes, […]

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Sexual Harassment or Malpractice – An Important Distinction in Gynecology Cases?

by Savannah July 8, 2013 Health Law

People develop a special rapport with their doctors. They trust their physicians to keep intimate details about their health a secret; they also trust their doctors to view their unclothed bodies objectively and in a professional manner. When a doctor crosses the line and fails to treat a patient in a respectful and professional manner, […]

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A Chance to Make a Difference: Over-Prescription of Medication Claims

by Richard Console July 4, 2013 Clinical medical negligence

Each year, more people in the United States die from prescription medication overdoses than from overdoses of cocaine and heroin combined, the CDC reports. Abuse of prescription drugs, especially painkillers, has become a serious crisis around the world. If you think the problem only impacts those who willingly go looking for drugs, think again. A […]

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How to Recognize Signs of Negligence at a Nursing Home

by Molly P. June 16, 2013 Clinical medical negligence

It is an unfortunate fact that many elderly adults have been abused by caregivers in a variety of settings. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities pose a particular issue, since loved ones are usually not in the vicinity, making seniors more vulnerable to abuse. Therefore, loved ones need to be aware of this problem and […]

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Worst Medical Malpractice Cases in Recent History

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ March 15, 2013 Medical Law

Guest post regarding the worst medical malpractice cases in recent history. Medical malpractice causes injury to patients acquiring medical assistance for any number of conditions. Malpractice extends recovery time, causes new conditions and may end in death. Malpractice occurs when health care providers do not sufficiently diagnose or treat patients or professionals who do not […]

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5 Jobs In The Medical Field That Might Be For You

by Ladyblogger March 6, 2013 Personal Injury

The medical field is always hiring, and this makes it a great choice for anyone who is looking for a job that has stability. However, it is not necessary to become a doctor in order to enter this field. In fact, the majority of the non-doctor positions are actually much less stressful, and you will […]

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The Fine Line Between Medical Malpractice and a Bad Outcome

by Ladyblogger February 19, 2013 Medical Law

People are supposed to be able to trust their doctors with their very lives. There are no other professionals that we knowingly put this much trust into, but unfortunately, some physicians and other medical technicians let us down every now and again. Many people view these disappointing experiences as medical malpractice, and in many cases, […]

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Expansion of Medical Malpractice Suits: Is the Court Giving Patients Too Much Power?

by RyanD January 10, 2013 Clinical medical negligence

The debate over reform of the system under which people file claims and lawsuits for medical malpractice has raged on for decades with doctors and health care facilities, lawyers, insurance companies and patient advocacy groups all joining the fray at one point or another. If a doctor refers a patient to a specialist who commits […]

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How Medical Malpractice Can Lead to Cerebral Palsy

by CarlosSantiago September 5, 2012 Law

Cerebral palsy is a general term referring to many different motor function abnormalities caused by brain damage.  This non-progressive, non-contagious condition can range from mild to severe, and it affects roughly 1 out of every 303 children in America.  Although there are some situations in which cerebral palsy develops due to natural causes, many are […]

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