Maritime Law

The Jones Act of 1920: Interesting Basics of Maritime Law

by mightymidnighty June 6, 2013 Law

The Merchant Marine Act of 1920, commonly called The Jones Act, was implemented to clarify which transportation and shipping companies could operate in United States territorial waters. International shipping security became an important issue following World War I. The legislation set requirements for ship identification and ensured that the crews of the cargo ships were […]

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Top 5 Most Devastating Ferry Boat Accidents

by Vincent Ieda February 15, 2013 Personal Injury

Ferry boats are a common form of transportation throughout the world. Used mostly to transport people and vehicles over short distances, these boats have always been an asset. Sadly, these vessels also can be very dangerous. If crew or captain is not at peak performance, or if the ship is not properly maintained or functioning, […]

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Specialized Law: How Maritime Lawyers Can Help You

by Ladyblogger January 10, 2013 Personal Injury

Maritime and admiralty law is a specialized field of law that touches on a broad number of subjects. Maritime cases can involve issues normally covered by various fields of law, including contract, property, and tort law. Yet, admiralty law is distinct from all of these fields as it involves acts outside the territorial boundaries of […]

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5 Tips on Navigating Maritime Law

by CherrellT January 8, 2012 General Law

The practice of maritime or admiralty law in the United Kingdom dates back to the days of King Richard I the Lionheart. The King’s mother, Queen consort Eleanor of Aquitaine is credited with formally bringing maritime conventions to England which she learned during the Second Crusade. Instead of following the path of common law, admiralty […]

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