Legal Process Outsourcing

Emerging Legal Trends Are Changing the Course of Legal Professionals

by Ryancaulker August 29, 2012 General Law

For the first time ever, the U.S. is experiencing a multi-generational workforce consisting of Generation X & Y, the Baby Boomers and Traditionalist. With four generations attempting to labor together in the single workplace, comes a unique set of challenges and dynamics. As millions of Baby Boomers begin make their way toward retirement, Generation Z […]

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Why your firm needs legal process outsourcing

by Karen July 23, 2012 Law

Recent years have seen a significant growth in legal outsourcing. Like many other industries, changes are being implemented to lower costs, keep profits high and remain in business. The uncertain economy can be credited for this. Legal outsourcing is one of the current changes and involves an evaluation of working practices. This is where legal […]

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How can legal firms effectively manage resources?

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ November 2, 2011 Legal Technology

By Peter Collins, managing director, Retain International For legal firms, especially smaller and mid-tier firms outside of the ‘magic circle’, the importance of improving margins and making the most of existing resources has been brought into sharp focus given the reduced pool of commercial work following the financial crisis. The situation isn’t getting any better […]

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