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Mark Thorley, Solicitor Provides Expertise to Scottish Legal Aid Payment Review Panel

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ August 23, 2021 Legal Aid

Mark Thorley, Solicitor and head of the family law and reparation department at Thorley Stephenson SSC, has received thanks from the Scottish Government for his contribution to the Legal Aid Payment Review Panel. Mark has contributed valuable insight from his extensive experience and expertise in criminal, reparation and family law . Mark is also the […]

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Rights of Women Charity loses Challenge to Civil Legal Aid Legislation for Domestic Violence Victims

by Muna Saleem February 18, 2015 Domestic Violence

Whilst many regulatory and legal semantics have little impact on the population, a recent legal case may be of interest to the everyday civilian. On the 22 nd January, The Public Law Project, on behalf of Rights for Women, a legal advocacy group, attempted to remove specific pieces of legislation that were brought in to regulate […]

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Limiting Access to Justice: Cost Reforms

by barlowrobbins May 1, 2013 Legal Aid

With the latest cuts to welfare state, and the infamous bedroom tax, Conservatives are still ten points behind the Labour party; not the most popular step ever made by a government in power. Legal aid, like any of the support that the coalition calls ‘something for nothing,’ was inevitably going to feel the sharp end […]

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What evidence do I have to provide to get legal aid?

by Tom April 25, 2013 Legal Aid

What evidence do I have to provide to get legal aid? On 1st April 2013 the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act (‘LASPO’) came into force in England and Wales. LASPO makes it harder to get legal aid for family matters, because in order to get legal aid you may have to provide […]

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Barristers May Strike Over Legal Aid Fees

by Ralli May 18, 2012 Criminal Law

The Criminal Bar has it seems had its voice heard at last. All too often the press publish the fees of the highest paid solicitors and barristers from public funding but do not publish what the “average” remuneration for a 12 month period is. Quite often a case which pays a significant amount in fees […]

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What to Expect from Your Lawyer?

by Penny Cooper May 18, 2012 General Law

Legal aid, whenever required, must be of the top quality. It is a very serious business with consequences that can be quite severe if the counsel you get is not appropriate. Choosing a lawyer is like choosing food. You instantly hit it off with some lawyers but with others, you don’t. However, there are a […]

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How to Select the Right Criminal Lawyer

by Penny Cooper May 1, 2012 Law

Despite being innocent, you may find yourself in legal trouble. Accidental acts of criminal behalves can get you in trouble but with the right lawyer, you can evade severe punishments like jail time, steep fines and probations. However, finding the right criminal defense lawyer can be challenging. It is important to find an attorney who understands your situation and […]

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