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A Quick Guide to 10 Basic Types of Lawyers and Their Roles

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ August 14, 2012 Guest legal blogging

The following is a guest law blog post outlining some of the most common types of lawyers. If you need a lawyer then chances are that you will have a specific situation which you need help with. Few of us want to find a lawyer and then think about what we are going to do […]

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Ethical Lawyers (Not The Beginning of a Joke)

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ July 11, 2012 General Law

When it comes to jokes, lawyers get a bad rap, yet even an attorney will laugh along with the best of them. Most jokes about lawyers are harmless. They do nothing to discourage law school registration numbers, and few lawyers are going to change how they practice law because of a cocktail-party joke. In all […]

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