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What to do when your visitor/working visa is expired

by Derek Finegan January 31, 2013 Immigration Law

Spending time in a foreign country like the US requires you to have either a working or a traveling visa. Naturally, this visa needs to be completely valid since it signifies a document which officially grants you access to this country. Therefore, once a visa expires, you lose you right to spend time in this […]

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You Can Be Deported from United States for Felony Charges

by lawfirm January 23, 2013 Immigration Law

Residing in any part of the United States on a visa or green card and convicted for a felony, you may be deported from the country for this reason. There are various factors that will be considered before making any decision about deportation. The factors that may affect the process of deportation are the offense […]

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Laws Related to Dual Citizenship

by lawfirm January 5, 2013 Immigration Law

The US state department was reluctant to allow dual citizenship but at present it is possible to retain dual citizenship. The laws clearly give individuals the right to keep both citizenships for life in certain kinds of circumstances. These situations are Dual citizen from birth or childhood Become a citizen of another country after having […]

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Three Tips To Help You Pick The Perfect Immigration Lawyer

by rightseosteps January 2, 2013 General Law

Immigration laws are complicated and constantly changing.  For an individual who is in need of immigration assistance, finding and hiring an immigration lawyer can help you wade through the numerous convoluted laws and legal jargon that stand in the way of you and your immigration resolution.  There are a number of legal self-help options available […]

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How to write a good declaration for an Asylum Application

by eman1911 December 2, 2012 Law

The asylum declaration can be the most important part of an asylum application. So what is the declaration? It’s basically the applicants life story and reason why he/she deserves asylum in the United States. An asylum lawyer will tell you that this can make or break your case. The asylum lawyer will also tell you […]

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