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EEOC: NYC Systematically Discriminates Against Minority Women

by Levine and Blit November 19, 2015 Employment Law

A finding by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in response to a 2013 complaint on behalf of more than 1,000 current and former city workers by Local 1180 of the Communication Workers of America has found that New York City has spent the past decades discriminating against entry-level black and Hispanic female employees.  The […]

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How do I get a compromise agreement?

by Direct 2 Lawyers May 7, 2013 Compromise Agreements

This post takes a brief look at compromise agreements in employment law and, specifically, how you may be able to negotiate with your employer for/on the compromise agreement. It looks at the following issues: What is a compromise agreement? How can I get a compromise agreement? Do I need a solicitor for my compromise agreement? […]

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Who should be advising you on your compromise agreement?

by Redmans Solicitors January 30, 2013 Compromise Agreements

If you’re entering into negotiations relating to a compromise agreement (soon to renamed a settlement agreement) then your employer has an obligation to inform you that you should obtain independent legal advice from a relevant legal adviser. An issue for employees is therefore: who is a relevant legal adviser and where can you get in […]

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Teacher dismissed for pruning hedge was unfairly dismissed

by Employment Law Advice Solicitors January 30, 2013 Employment Law

A former teacher at a secure unit for problem youngsters in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, has won her unfair dismissal claim against her former employers after she was dismissed in 2011 for allegedly breaching health and safety rules, reports the Telegraph. Ms Tracey Smith, 43, worked for Sheffield Council at Aldine House, a secure unit for […]

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Corporate director at Tower Hamlets Council settles discrimination claim for “£100,000”

by Direct 2 Lawyers January 30, 2013 Employment Law

The East London Advertiser reports that a discrimination claim brought against Tower Hamlets council by one of its most senior staff members has been settled for (reportedly) £100,000 after the claim was withdrawn and dismissed. Mr Aman Dalvi, corporate director for development and renewal services at Tower Hamlets council, brought the discrimination claim against his […]

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Former banker makes disability discrimination claim against Credit Suisse

by Employment Law Advice Solicitors January 11, 2013 Employment Law

A recent Bloomberg news article reported that a former trader at Credit Suisse was pursuing claims for personal injury and a claim for unfair dismissal and disability discrimination after he was sacked in 2009. Mr Asid Mohamedali, who apparently earned approximately £2.5 million a year, worked for Credit Suisse in their European credit tracing team […]

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Can I propose a compromise agreement to my employer?

by Direct 2 Lawyers January 9, 2013 Compromise Agreements

If you’ve recently experienced problems at work and believe that it won’t be possible to continue your employment with your current employer then you may want to resign from your job or negotiate a mutual termination of your contract. In the majority of such circumstances employees are will want to safeguard any payments that they’re […]

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Do I have to sign my compromise agreement?

by London Compromise Agreement Solicitors January 4, 2013 Compromise Agreements

If you’ve been offered a compromise agreement then one of the principal things you’ll want to know is whether you’re obliged to sign your compromise agreement or not. We’ll address that issue in this post by examining the following elements: What is a compromise agreement? How do I know whether my compromise agreement is satisfactory? […]

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Grievances and time limits in the Employment Tribunal

by Direct 2 Lawyers December 19, 2012 Employment Law

As the recent Employment Appeal Tribunal decision of Croker v Surrey County Council [2012] UKEAT 0358/11/JOJ makes explicitly clear, employees often fall into difficulties when it comes to the calculation of their Employment Tribunal “limitation date” if they have an ongoing grievance with their employer. When the limitation date falls depends, to a great extent, […]

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Conditional contractual benefits and compromise agreements

by Redmans Solicitors December 17, 2012 Compromise Agreements

The recent case of Imam-Sadaque v Bluebay Asset Management (“Bluebay”) has received a great deal of press coverage – mainly, one assumes, because of the tale of intrigue, duplicity and wrongdoing that occurred in the City of London. In this post we’ll take a look at the case of Imam-Sadaque v Bluebay and draw some conclusions about […]

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