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5 Things NOT To Do When Pulled Over For Drunk Driving

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ June 25, 2013 Criminal Law

Being pulled over and accused of a DUI/DWI charge can be a stressful and intimidating affair, especially when you’re sober. Regardless of your situation, there are many steps you should take to handle the situation with the highest levels of composure, patience, and aplomb. However, many people make mistakes and aren’t aware of their rights […]

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The DUI Stop: What Should You Say?

by gclatworthy July 19, 2012 Criminal Law

(US Criminal Law) If you’re stopped for a suspected DUI, you will want to pull over and let the officer come to your vehicle. However, it’s not so much what you should say to the officer—the question is more about what you should not say. The following relates to US law and general. Different attorneys […]

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