domestic violence

Rights of Women Charity loses Challenge to Civil Legal Aid Legislation for Domestic Violence Victims

by Muna Saleem February 18, 2015 Domestic Violence

Whilst many regulatory and legal semantics have little impact on the population, a recent legal case may be of interest to the everyday civilian. On the 22 nd January, The Public Law Project, on behalf of Rights for Women, a legal advocacy group, attempted to remove specific pieces of legislation that were brought in to regulate […]

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Is Colorado’s New Domestic Violence Gun Law Fair?

by David Faltz December 18, 2013 Domestic Violence

After you’ve handled a fair share of domestic violence cases, you start to realize how emotionally charged they tend to be – on both sides. The individuals involved are often related by blood or in a romantic relationship, so there’s a history and closeness that escalate problems and makes people do stupid things. Because of […]

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5 Things You Should Do If Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence

by David R Jones November 28, 2013 Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious crime that can do severe damage to your reputation. If your partner has, or may be planning to, falsely accuse you, the decisions you make leading up to the trial can make or break your case. Like any false claim against you, just because YOU know you are innocent doesn’t […]

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How one initial Divorce discussion between couple ended in tragedy

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers June 21, 2013 Law

The issue of domestic violence is hitting the headlines once again. Charles Saatchi’s alleged attack on Nigella Lawson has been splashed over the tabloids up and down the country. This highlighted the existence of Domestic Violence across all walks of life. Alongside this press frenzy, there are proceedings being heard at Stafford Crown Court this […]

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Nigella Lawson Attacked – Charles Saatchi Choke Row | Slater & Gordon

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers June 17, 2013 Law

Few people will have missed the reports in the press in the last 24 hours regarding an alleged incident between Nigella Lawson and her husband, Charles Saatchi outside a Mayfair restaurant this weekend, and the debate it has caused regarding their respective behaviour. Pictures taken by people nearby and widely published in the press appear […]

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What Is Misdemeanor And How Many Types It Has?

by callygreene June 15, 2013 Accident Claims

Misdemeanors in a Nutshell Misdemeanors refer to less considerable kinds of criminal acts that are recognized and punishable by typical legal or lawful systems across the globe. However and still, the definitions or extremes of the actions that are considered as misdemeanors would essentially vary based on your locality or your country. Particularly, such definitions […]

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Domestic Violence: Knowing Your Rights

by Karla Somers June 29, 2012 Criminal Defence Lawyers

(US Law) Domestic violence is a form of abusive behavior that occurs within an intimate relationship. It is a scenario where one spouse administers unwarranted treatment upon the other. If you have ever been in an abusive relationship, it is imperative that you seek legal aid to forestall this trend, especially because the effects of […]

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