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Why rows over money can lead to Divorce

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers August 1, 2013 Divorce

Whilst many Husbands and Wives row over issues relating to their children, parenting, the in-laws, socialising and sex, a recent study has shown that it is those who row mostly over money that are the ones destined for Divorce. According to the Family Relationships journal report, arguments about money are the top predictor for divorce; […]

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Why do we keep rushing Divorce?

by Alex Bright June 10, 2013 Divorce

Since the 1970s divorce rates have risen dramatically this not only subconsciously efftcs those around us, but it also destroys us financially as a nation. It’s not unheard of happy couples going their separate ways within months or even weeks of their big day. It’s not only newlyweds who are meeting with their divorce lawyers. […]

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The Divorce Process Explained

by JoeCMA March 22, 2012 Divorce

Deciding to pursue a divorce can be a daunting challenge, fraught with a range of perils. There are a lot of things to consider, such how the divorce process works, what you’re entitled to and who gets the rights to any children you may have. In order to get a divorce, you will have to […]

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Ways to Minimize Divorce Costs

by lilycarter01 March 5, 2012 Family Law

Divorce can be an extremely costly procedure for both the people involved. Expenses further increase if it is a contested divorce and if both parties disagree on most matters. In such situations there are more court sessions in order to enable the judge to make decisions based on divorce laws regarding the division of property, […]

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