Importance of Getting a Will

by RyanD July 2, 2013 Wills

Death is inevitable. As morbid as that sounds, every individual should make time to prepare a will. This is a document that the testator prepares so that in the event that they pass on the estate executor can fulfill their wishes as they were spelled out in the will. Property should be allocated to the […]

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What Happens If A Florida Parent Dies Without A Will?

by Legal Author March 1, 2013 Wills

Don’t Leave Your Child’s Future in the Hands of the State (Guest author Jessica Velasco works for a Clearwater probate lawyer.) Writing your will probably isn’t something you think about on a daily basis.  But if you don’t have a will, you should be thinking about it.  One you are gone, you are free from […]

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Why Should You Need Liability Life Insurance?

by RyanD January 3, 2013 Insurance

While most people do everything they can to stay healthy and be there for their family, no one is guaranteed to wake up the next morning. If someone does die unexpectedly, the event can cause a lot of problems within the family. This is especially true if the now deceased person was the primary income […]

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