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Important Tips to Making Successful Compensation Claims

by zara May 11, 2013 Compensation Lawyers

Whether you were injured, mistreated by a professional, involved in an accident caused by someone else or experienced any sort of inconvenience out of another’s fault, you can be compensated. However, one such unhappy incident brings about a lot of confusion and stress, which makes the process difficult.  Here is how to simplify it and […]

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Pursuing a compensation claim if you’ve been injured in an accident

by David T October 10, 2012 Personal Injury

It is estimated that we will suffer at least one accident in our lifetime. When they do occur we can be taken by surprise with both by the physical trauma, and the financial aftermath if the injury has resulted in an inability to work for a period of time. Or worse still, unable to work […]

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Mexico to Allow Compensation Claims for Organized Crime Victims

by jimloxley May 17, 2012 Law

The members of Congress in Mexico recently voted unanimously to approve a bill which ensures compensation claims can be made by the victims of organised-crime which happens within Mexico’s borders. The law will create a national body which will be tasked with recording crimes which happen of this nature, including forced disappearances and kidnapping. The […]

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Whiplash and Referral Fees: Who Really Fuels Britain’s Compensation Culture

by Watermans Solicitors January 23, 2012 Accident Claims

For those of you unaware of the recent activities of Jack Straw MP, Britain’s former Secretary of State for Justice, he has, for the last 12 months been spear-heading a noble crusade of justice to rid the UK of its “compensation culture” with particular focus on targeting personal injury claims arising from road traffic accidents. […]

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Car Accidents and abdominal injuries

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ February 14, 2011 Compensation Lawyers

Abdominal injuries are common in car accidents and are extremely dangerous as they can cause serious damage to liver, kidneys, spleen or intestinal tract. The abdominal is most likely to be injured in a car accident where the steering wheel or some other hard object hits the chest or stomach. This can cause rib pain […]

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Driving at Night

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ January 12, 2011 Claims Solicitors

There is a widely popular misconception that driving at night is less dangerous than during day and it is less likely to cause car accidents. Many drivers choose to exceed the speed limit when driving at night, as there are seemingly less cars on the road and therefore less chance for a car accident to […]

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