The Nation’s Real Future: Advantages of Teaching at Community College

by edralyn July 12, 2013 General Law

The Nation’s Real Future: Advantages of Teaching at Community College Even in the changing world of education, there’s still something of a stigma attached to community college. But with a greater national focus on the massive cost and inherent difficulty in securing and completing higher education, two-year institutions are being recognized as the path to […]

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On Herding Cats, Catching Falling Water and Managing Millennials

by edralyn May 1, 2013 General Law

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the Millennial Generation or people who were born between 1981 and 2001 will make up half of the total labor force by the year 2020. No matter which sector of business you’re in, that statistic is a strong indicator of why it’s necessary to learn about […]

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Can a Beard Spoil a Promising Legal Career?

by YouBlawg March 27, 2013 Lawyers

The job of a lawyer is all about trustworthiness, or at least looking trustworthy, so appearance is not a factor to be neglected. A sector where hundreds compete for any well-paying job, making the first impression can be absolutely crucial. So what about the beard? Is it going to hold you back? Should you just […]

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Choosing between public admin employers- Government versus NGO organization

by edralyn March 8, 2013 Administrative Law

Public administration is a rewarding field regardless of where someone finds work, but the kinds of work that administrators have to take on is vastly different depending on the organization that offers it. Government employees generally focus on helping local populations within a given district whereas non-governmental entities reach out to the underprivileged across the […]

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Does a Distance Degree in Law Prove to be Worthwhile?

by melissa March 13, 2012 Legal Careers

AUTHOR BIO – Melissa Spears takes the initiative in providing thought concerning contents related to education and the growth of distance learning or online education. In this article, she determines the credibility of an online law degree. “With great knowledge comes great power” – this age-old saying time and again finds a new meaning with […]

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