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Personal Responsibility a Key Component of Ladder Accident Claims

by LaddersDirect October 14, 2012 Accident Claims Law

When you have suffered a workplace injury or even an injury in the home stemming from the use of equipment such as a ladder, the first thought for many is to lay an injury claim either against their employer or the manufacturer of the equipment. There are, in fact, an infinite number of solicitors who […]

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Whiplash and Referral Fees: Who Really Fuels Britain’s Compensation Culture

by Watermans Solicitors January 23, 2012 Accident Claims

For those of you unaware of the recent activities of Jack Straw MP, Britain’s former Secretary of State for Justice, he has, for the last 12 months been spear-heading a noble crusade of justice to rid the UK of its “compensation culture” with particular focus on targeting personal injury claims arising from road traffic accidents. […]

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Workplace Accident Statistics in Scotland

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ April 6, 2011 Compensation Lawyers

The National Audit Office have published a report confirming that workplace accidents and ill health in Scotland resulted in 2.5 million working days last year. The cost was around £187,000,000. The Audit Office looked at the work of Health and Safety Executive in Scotland. Approximately 270 full time HSE inspectors are based in Scotland. 23 […]

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