Five Fantastic Small Business Lawyers in San Antonio, Texas

Looking for a top-notch small business attorney right here in San Antonio, Texas? Well, you’re in the right place! These business law firms and attorneys are here to help with anything related to business litigation, corporate law, or buying and selling companies in the San Antonio area.

But before you jump in, we’d suggest you do some homework. Start by checking out their websites, read up on the attorneys’ backgrounds, dive into what their clients are saying, and take a look at their past cases. It’s like shopping for the perfect fit for your business. Once you’ve done your research, you can reach out to a few firms to see which one is the best match for your needs. After all, choosing a business lawyer is a significant decision for your company!

5. Texas Suits – Texas Business & Contract Law Firm

Texas Suits - Texas Business & Contract Law Firm

“Texas Suits is a new kind of law firm that was founded in 2022 with one goal – to provide exceptional service and results to our clients across Texas both in and out of the Courtroom. We speak your language and remain committed to helping our clients navigate the ever-expanding complexities of law and business. 

We are a full-service law firm handling both transactional and litigation matters for our clients while navigating our complex, and oftentimes frustrating, legal system. We are an innovative team of young but experienced lawyers who challenge traditional ways of practicing law.”

Texas Suits - Texas Business & Contract Law Firm

Fantastic Lawyer: Gerrit Schulze

“Gerrit Schulze is a partner at our law firm and is licensed in the State of Texas. Mr. Schulze focuses on civil and commercial litigation, directing a majority of his practice to business-related law. Mr. Schulze believes that the most vital part of legal representation is to build a relationship based on mutual trust by putting the client first. Prior to joining The Texas Suits, Mr. Schulze was a partner at Shumway Van. He received his Juris Doctorate from St. Mary’s University School of Law and his Bachelor of Business from New Mexico State University.”

G Reviews Rating: 5/5 from 58 Reviews as of 2022/2023 

Client Testimonials: “This office was professional and was very helpful during a very stressful time with my HOA. They made me feel comfortable and assisted me quickly in resolving my concerns. Highly recommend this office.” -Sonya Wi

4. Aric J. Garza Law PLLC – San Antonio Highest Rated Business Law Firm

Aric J. Garza Law PLLC - San Antonio Highest Rated Business Law Firm

ARIC J. GARZA LAW PLLC is dedicated to providing clients with quality, results-oriented legal services. Our firm provides legal services to individuals, entrepreneurs, corporations, and non-profit organizations. We have experience and proven success in handling employment litigation, commercial/consumer litigation, probate and estate administration, business transactions, and real estate matters.”

Aric J. Garza Law PLLC - San Antonio Highest Rated Business Law Firm

Fantastic Lawyer: Aric J. Garza

“Aric J. Garza founded the Firm in 2002. In addition to handling Commercial/Consumer, Employment, and Real Estate Litigation, Mr. Garza is a nationally recognized Arbitrator, serving as a Neutral with the American Arbitration Association, the CPR ADR Institute (Complex Litigation and Employment), the American Health Law Association Roster and FINRA.”

G Reviews Rating: 5/5 from 51 Reviews as of 2022/2023 

Client Testimonials: “Mr. Garza was incredibly helpful and attentive throughout my legal process. He is responsive, has a great temperament, very knowledgeable. He helped me form my LLC years ago, and since has provided legal advice and counseling. I trust him with the legal matters for my business. I highly recommend his services.” -Victoria Sertich

3. Law Offices of Ryan Reiffert, PLLC – San Antonio Professional And Experienced Business Law Firm

Law Offices of Ryan Reiffert, PLLC - San Antonio Professional And Experienced Business Law Firm

“We provide high-quality legal services to investors, entrepreneurs, startups, and small and medium businesses in San Antonio and the surrounding region with the same depth of legal knowledge and quality of advice as a much larger firm, but with a keener sense of business understanding.”

Law Offices of Ryan Reiffert, PLLC - San Antonio Professional And Experienced Business Law Firm

Fantastic Lawyer: Ryan Reiffert

“Ryan Reiffert is an attorney in San Antonio, TX, who provides clients with legal services involving estate planning and probate issues. From drafting wills and trusts to assisting with medical planning to guide a loved one’s estate through the probate process itself, Ryan can help you resolve matters efficiently when creating an end-of-life plan.”

G Reviews Rating: 4.9/5 from 116 Reviews as of 2022/2023 

Client Testimonials: “Ryan is extremely knowledgeable and is able to explain things in a way that’s easy to understand. He is very responsive and gets back to me in a timely manner. I will be recommending him to all my clients who need legal services.” -Heather Edwards

2. Shann M. Chaudhry, Esq., Attorney at Law, PLLC – Texas Business Attorneys

Shann M. Chaudhry, Esq., Attorney at Law, PLLC - Texas Business Attorneys

“We are a team of professionals with our actions rooted in our values. We truly care. Our client’s success is our success. We want what’s best for our clients, and we want to treat them well. We provide world-class customer service.

“We approach representation holistically. We are honest and direct with the end goal of guiding our clients to the best solution for them. We have hard conversations and share our perspectives on the reality of situations. It’s our responsibility.”

Shann M. Chaudhry, Esq., Attorney at Law, PLLC - Texas Business Attorneys

Fantastic Lawyer: Shann M. Chaudhry, Esq.

“Shann founded this firm in 2012. He wanted it to be different from the typical experience, in which clients and attorneys are treated as numbers, and not as people. Shann puts people first, however, and because he believes in authentic and empathetic representation for every client, he is able to provide a superlative level of service for every person he is honored to serve.”

G Reviews Rating: 4.9/5 from 49 Reviews as of 2022/2023 

Client Testimonials: “Shann Chaudhry law firm helped my family protest our taxes. They are incredible. The professionalism, along with a family atmosphere, puts the stress of getting a lawyer put to ease. I will use them every tax year. They get results!” -Brawn Wright

1. The Law Offices of Matthew J. Obermeier, P.C. – San Antonio Business Lawyer

The Law Offices of Matthew J. Obermeier, P.C. - San Antonio Business Law Firm

“When problems arise for business owners, it’s critical to work with an experienced lawyer who can provide the immediate and cost-effective solutions needed. For larger corporations, that often means bringing problems to in-house counsel. For small and mid-sized businesses, however, that is rarely a cost-effective option.

Our attorney team at The Law Offices of Matthew J. Obermeier, P.C. provides business owners throughout San Antonio with the timely and cost-effective solutions they need to continue moving forward with business operations. We represent business owners in a range of business law matters.”

The Law Offices of Matthew J. Obermeier, P.C. - San Antonio Business Lawyer

Fantastic Lawyer: Matthew Obermeier

“Matthew Obermeier draws upon education received while earning his bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Texas at Austin and his JD from St. Mary’s University School of Law in San Antonio. An active figure in the legal field, Matthew Obermeier has been invited to speak on topics related to real estate risk management at conferences and assemblies such as the 2015 Texas Apartment Association Education Conference & Lone Star Expo.”

G Reviews Rating: 4.9/5 from 108 Reviews as of 2022/2023 

Client Testimonials: “Matthew Obermeier is the Best Lawyer I have ever had. He is excellent! very attentive, honest, knowledgeable, and professional, and went out of his way to make sure things were done correctly. I would never hesitate to hire him again he is wonderful. I would highly recommend him.” -Sofia Engler

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FAQs on Finding the Right Small Business Attorney in San Antonio, Texas:-

We understand the importance of finding the right small business attorney in San Antonio, Texas. Let’s dive into some informative FAQs to assist you:

  1. Why should I partner with a small business attorney in San Antonio, Texas?
    Well, think of them as your business’s legal guardian. They’ll help you navigate the sometimes complex legal aspects of running your company. From managing contracts to making sure you’re on the right side of the law, they’ve got you covered for that smooth business operation.
  2. How were the five small business attorneys in San Antonio, Texas on this list chosen?
    To create this list, we carefully evaluated their expertise, reputation, client feedback, and their proven track record of helping small businesses in San Antonio. We take the selection process seriously; you can learn more about our thorough evaluation here.
  3. What can I expect from small business attorneys when it comes to services for small businesses?
    Many small business attorneys offer a wide range of services. You name it – from guiding you through business formation, crafting and reviewing contracts, offering employment law advice, protecting your intellectual property, to supporting you in business litigation and more.
  4. Are San Antonio small business attorneys budget-friendly for small businesses?
    Absolutely for at least some of them. Many small business attorneys offer cost-effective solutions that are just right for small business budgets. Feel free to discuss fees and payment arrangements during your initial consultation with a lawyer.
  5. Do most small business attorneys in San Antonio provide free initial consultations?
    While some attorneys may offer complimentary initial consultations, others may charge a nominal fee. For precise details about their consultation policies, it’s best to reach out to them directly through their websites.
  6. Can I select a small business attorney in San Antonio based on my industry or specific legal needs?
    Indeed, you can most of the time! Most business attorneys are versatile and can provide guidance tailored to various industries or specific legal needs, whether it’s related to real estate, healthcare, technology, or any other sector.
  7. How can I get in touch and learn more about San Antonio small business attorneys?
    For detailed contact information and more about each attorney above, please check out their profiles. We recommend taking a close look at their profiles and their own websites and reaching out to them directly to discuss the unique requirements of your business.
  8. What’s the typical timeline for business attorneys to provide legal assistance in San Antonio?
    The timeline for legal assistance may vary based on the attorney’s schedule and your specific needs. It’s a good practice to discuss your expectations and timing during your initial consultation.
  9. Can business lawyers represent both small startups and well-established companies in legal matters in San Antonio?
    Usually most small business attorneys have the experience to assist both emerging businesses and established corporations, tailoring their legal solutions to suit your company’s stage of growth.
  10. How do I get started with a small business attorney in San Antonio, Texas?
    To begin the process, simply reach out to the small business attorney through their website and initiate direct contact with them to schedule your initial consultation. They’ll walk you through the next steps tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Your business’s success is usually their priority!

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