Boy Who Lost Half His Face in Jet Ski Accident is on the Road to Recovery

by Bisnar Chase on January 24, 2013

Daniel Clemens, a 10-year-old boy vacationing with his parents in Dubai more than a year ago, needed extensive plastic surgery after losing half his face in that horrific jet ski accident. According to a news report in The Daily Mail, the accident occurred when Daniel was enjoying a banana boat ride with his friend on Al Mamzar boat beach. The pair was suddenly thrown into the sea and the jet ski, which was allegedly being ridden by an off-duty cop, crashed into the child’s face. jet ski

Severe Injuries

Daniel was left with a scar across his head and fractures to his cheek and eye socket. His 13-year-old companion saved his life that day when he turned him over and dragged him back to his boat. A family friend then lifted Daniel, who was heavily bleeding, out of the water. The jet ski rider sped off and returned briefly, but left again. The suspect, a 23-year-old Emirati policeman, was later arrested. He and his cousin were charged with injuring the child and failure to register the jet ski.

Daniel’s road to recovery has been long and arduous. He had a metal plate inserted into his face and after surgery, was unable to close his left eye. He was only able to open his mouth minimally. Back home at Miami Children’s Hospital, he underwent five complex procedures as surgeons repositioned his eye and removed implants fitted during previous surgeries. His treatment is ongoing.

Preventing Jet Ski Collisions

The majority of jet ski accidents in California involve collisions. One of the most common causes of these tragic accidents is excessive speed. Jet ski accidents also occur as a result of operator inexperience, impairment or attention. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has made many recommendations for safe jet ski operation including a checklist for boat rental businesses to evaluate a person’s ability to operate a jet ski. The agency also strongly recommends that anyone who is operating a jet ski wear a life jacket.

This horrific jet ski accident in Dubai is just one example of how quickly things can go wrong in the water. It is important that children are supervised at all times when they are in the water. If you are operating a jet ski, make sure you are sober and alert before you get in the water. Always wear protective gear. Remember, it is not just about your safety, but also the safety of others in the water.

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