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Traditional Legal Tech Solutions vs. AI “Hype”

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ August 26, 2023 AI for Law Firms

New post on traditional legal tech solutions vs AI hype from an anonymous blogger. Note that these views don’t necessarily represent the views of our site but provide useful insights for discussion. The legal industry has recently been abuzz with excitement over the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in reshaping the way legal services are […]

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Sorainen spin-off Crespect received an innovative legal-tech product development grant and closed a seed investment round

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ April 16, 2023 Legal Tech

Crespect is a cutting-edge technology spin-off from the Baltic law firm Sorainen, which is developing an intelligent cloud-based legal practice management system for law firms globally. The system will simplify and streamline lawyers’ daily tasks, as well as providing business insights to enable them to manage client and international partner relationships with ease. Crespect has […]

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