The Apprentice 2023 final: Lord Sugar’s new business partner is a BPP law graduate

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ on March 26, 2023

The winner of the 2023 series of The Apprentice on BBC has been revealed as Marnie Swindells, who graduated from BPP University Law School in 2018 following the successful completion of its Barrister Training Course.

The 28 year old businesswoman, who impressed Lord Sugar and his team with her plans to set up a community-focused boxing gym BRONX following more than 10 years experience within the industry as well as being a gold medal-winning boxer, will receive £250,000 investment from the business tycoon to help her vision become reality. 

Prior to entering the reality show, Marnie – who has been vocal about her humble beginnings of growing up in a caravan with her mother, following her fathers sudden death when she was just eight years old – undertook the BPP Law School’s Barrister Training Course, and was working as a court advocate up until she began filming the show last year. 

As part of the BPP Barrister Training Course, Marnie would’ve completed preparing for Pupilage 1 and 2, immersing herself in the context of realistic case studies and taking part in face-to-face workshops. She would have also undertaken the study of criminal themes, helping to develop the oral skills of conference and cross examination.

Discussing the news that one of its former graduates has been chosen as this years Apprentice winner, the Barrister Training Course team at BPP University Law School said:

“We could not be more proud of the fact that one of our barrister training course graduates has beaten off some tough competition to be announced as Lord Sugar’s new business partner. Throughout her time on the series, Marnie clearly took some of the skills she’d developed during her training with us to impress not only Lord Sugar himself, but also his advisors Baronness Karren Brady, and former Apprentice winner Tim Campbell. 

“Despite the majority of challenges the business candidates faced on the show being largely unrelated to the field of law, it is clear from the praise and feedback Marnie received in the boardroom week by week that her confidence levels and public speaking skills were what gave her a strong business edge that stood out. 

“We believe that the emotional resilience Marnie displayed during times of high stress, her ability to lead and communicate effectively with her fellow team members, and her fearless approach towards stepping outside of her comfort zone during the various business tasks are all skills that she would’ve honed and developed during her time studying with us. We are excited to see her excel in her career, and can’t wait to see her business ventures succeed with the financial investment she has been given through the show.”

[Editor’s note at July 2023: see also this blog post on some of the world’s richest lawyers and lawyer salaries]

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