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by Slater & Gordon Lawyers on June 17, 2013

There is more bad news for people who may soon become involved in family law disputes as court fees are set to rise as from 1st July. Before any court proceedings can be started, including Divorce, financial proceedings or children proceedings a court fee must be paid up front, unless the person issuing the proceedings falls into one of the categories of people who is exempt.

Whilst some of the increases are relatively modest – for example Contact and Residence applications will go up from £200 to £215, other common applications, such as Divorce proceedings (issuing a petition) is set to rise by £70 to £410.

For many people who are already struggling to afford proceedings, this is bad news, and means some people may have to wait longer before they can issue, to allow them time to gather together the necessary funds – an added stress which people do not need at an already difficult time.

Whilst family lawyers would never encourage anyone to rush into court proceedings without thinking carefully about doing so, for people who know that proceedings are going to be inevitable in the coming weeks, it may be wise to lodge applications sooner rather than later, to avoid the increased rates.

By Family Law Solicitor Cara Nuttall

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