Five Best New York City Divorce Lawyers – Five Fantastic NYC Family Law Firms

Need a top-notch divorce attorney in New York City? These family law companies in New York City are some of the best to take into account if you want aid with a legal situation, together with some initial guidance on the main divorce courts of New York City.

Before choosing the appropriate attorney to work with, it is also wise to explore their websites for client reviews, lawyer biographies, case studies, and other information. You should also get price quotations from a few firms. Here are a few illustrations:

5. The Law & Mediation Offices of Cheryl Stein – New York City Experienced Litigator and Mediator Lawyer

The Law & Mediation Offices of Cheryl Stein - New York City Experienced Litigator and Mediator Lawyer

“If you need a mediator or attorney to help you with a divorce or another matrimonial/family law matter, you are likely going through one of the most stressful times of your life. You may feel as if you are on an emotional roller coaster. There can be so many important decisions to make regarding finances and children. It can be hard to weigh them all while focusing on your future.

We tenaciously advocate for your rights. We litigate, negotiate, and mediate, pursuant to your individual case’s needs. We are committed to obtaining the best results for our clients. Our very high rate of client satisfaction and colleague respect and endorsements are great measures of our success. Our client’s individual needs are always our number one focus and priority. Call us to schedule a consultation.”

G Reviews Rating: 5/5 from 44 Reviews as of 2022/2023

Client Testimonials: “Cheryl is an amazing lawyer who helped me through a difficult divorce. She is very good at what she does and helped explain and guide me through each step of the process. She is easy to communicate with and she drafted all the necessary documents and contracts lightning-fast. As a client, I couldn’t have asked for anything more from my lawyer. I highly recommend her.” -Yan Xia

4. Rudyuk Law Firm, P.C. – New York City Boutique Family and Divorce Law Firm

Rudyuk Law Firm, P.C. - New York City Boutique Family and Divorce Law Firm

We Listen, We Care, We Represent

We are a boutique firm specializing in all aspects of family and divorce law in New York including all five boroughs and Westchester and Long Island counties. We provide comprehensive, compassionate, and cost-effective counsel to our clients. Our goal is to achieve the best and speediest results through negotiation and, if necessary, litigation. We listen to clients’ needs and find creative solutions to fit each individual case.

Our Firm provides a complete package of services and resources for all matters of family and matrimonial law, ranging from pre-and post-nuptial agreements, legal separation, divorce settlement negotiation, divorce litigation including issues related to child custody, child support, spousal support, distribution of marital property and debt, division of professional businesses, degrees and licenses to post-divorce enforcement and violation proceedings.”

G Reviews Rating: 5/5 from 25 Reviews as of 2022/2023

Client Testimonials: “Ksenia did a great job handling my divorce. She patiently answered all of my questions and was very knowledgeable. Everything went smoothly and painlessly. Ksenia is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anyone who needs a divorce attorney.” – Anonymous

3. Rosenthal Law & Mediation – New York Dedicated Divorce Lawyer

“We are dedicated to providing excellent counseling, mediation, and legal representation for you and your family. We understand that nothing is more important than the emotional, financial, and spiritual health of your family, through its many transitions. We are here to help you.

The mission of Rosenthal Law & Mediation is to support families through life’s difficult transitions by providing intelligent and compassionate counseling, mediation, and legal representation.”

G Reviews Rating: 5/5 from 20 Reviews as of 2022/2023

Client Testimonials: “We loved working with Joy. She was straightforward, efficient, and honest. We would work with her again in a second!” -Leah Serinsky

2. Yaniv & Associates, PC – New York Uncontested Divorce Law Firm

Yaniv & Associates, PC - New York Uncontested Divorce Law Firm

“We’re not like other law firms. While most attorneys focus their practice on emotionally-charged and costly litigation, our divorce attorneys concentrate on stress-free uncontested divorce and collaborative law. Our goal is to settle each case quickly, amicably, and affordably so you can move on with your life. We don’t believe in unpredictable hourly fees. We do believe that, while the divorce is hard on you and your family, the legal process should not be. We also believe that New Yorkers are entitled to quality legal services that are accessible, predictable, and affordable. That’s why we set out to revolutionize the way attorneys practice law.

Call us now for a FREE confidential telephone consultation.”

G Reviews Rating: 4.9/5 from 606 Reviews as of 2022/2023

Client Testimonials: “I highly recommend Yaniv & Associates. Very professional, quick, and easy.” -Inaya Khalil

1. Maria Mateo PC – New York Full-Service Law Firm

Maria Mateo PC - New York Full-Service Law Firm

“Our Firm has succeeded in quickly handling several immigration processes, such as Asylum, Family-based petitions, Consular Processes, Special Immigrant, Juvenile, Work and Investor Visas, Adjustment of Status, and related court cases.

Maria Mateo P.C. has aggressively advocated and accomplished Divorce cases, Child Custody, Child Support Cases, Paternity and Guardianship cases based on her team´s skills and experience before the courts.”

G Reviews Rating: 4.9/5 from 71 Reviews as of 2022/2023

Client Testimonials: “Grateful to the attorney and her team for closing my deportation case. Highly recommend Maria Mateo PC, thank you all for your hard work and dedication.” -Rosaura S.

What Are The Main Divorce Courts In New York City?

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The primary divorce courts in New York City and how long it takes to acquire a divorce there are described in the basic guide below. You can file your own uncontested divorce on the website of the New York State Courts. Go to the Kings County Supreme Court if you or your spouse live in Brooklyn since a contentious divorce will take longer and cost more money. The family court system in New York City includes the divorce courts. In addition to dealing with child support and custody support cases, the family court also handles custody and visitation matters. The Courts issue orders for both because divorce rules mandate that they base decisions on what is best for the children.

Uncontested divorces in New York City can only be filed for a maximum of three months. This implies that both partners must concur that their marriage has ended permanently and that they must also agree on how to divide their assets and liabilities. Couples can choose which court will handle their divorce case with the help of the Family Court’s Divorce Program if they do not have an attorney. The Courts website also contains information concerning child support, which is calculated according to a predetermined formula, as well as spousal support and other topics. Couples may be able to receive assistance from state courts or mediators from the family court if they are unable to come to an agreement on their own.

When either spouse files for divorce, the divorce courts in New York City will hear the case. You can file your divorce papers on your own without the help of the court if it is an uncontested divorce. The marriage will then be dissolved by a separation decree that the court will thereafter issue. If the couples are unable to come to an agreement and court involvement is necessary, the case is brought before Kings County’s trial court in Brooklyn. The Supreme Court of the county where one of the spouses resides has jurisdiction over the matter.

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