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Ana Barsegian, Fantastic Family & Divorce Lawyer

Ana Barsegian, Fantastic Family & Divorce Lawyer

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5/5 from 43 G Reviews in 2023/2024

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About Lawyer Ana Barsegian

My approach is a client-centered one.  I am brutally honest, explain everything, manage expectations, and deliver realistic information.  It’s oftentimes unhappy news about what to expect from our courts regarding child custody, your money, and what we can accomplish together.  I am not a therapist, but am sympathetic and sensitive to what you are going through.

I promise to be there from beginning to end.   In fact, I have received wedding invitations after representing clients in their divorce and premarital agreements.  I build close relationships with my clients and appreciate their feedback and online reviews of my work ethic and results



Contact Information

2001, West Magnolia Boulevard, Burbank, Los Angeles County, California, 91506, United States
Zip/Post Code
CA 91506
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