The Casey Anthony Story- A Compelling Movie or Story Written in Poor Taste?

by RyanD on September 25, 2012

After the jury gave a not guilty verdict regarding the allegations against Casey Anthony about murdering her daughter, a Florida prosecutor, Jeff Ashton wrote a book about the case entitled Imperfect Justice – Prosecuting Casey Anthony. Since the book has been published, Lifetime TV has discussed making the book into a movie. The issue following the idea of this movie is that it could possibly glamorize criminal defendants. However, it could also be a compelling story. With both of these things in mind, does the story have enough value to become a movie?

Negative Possible Aspects of the Film

The possibility that the movie regarding the Casey Anthony trial will glamorize criminal defendants is something worth considering. If even more of the public becomes aware that a murderer got off because of lack of evidence, the crime rate could increase tremendously. In addition, the fact that she was pronounced not guilty could be used in a movie to say negative things about our judicial system, and therefore giving our nation a bad name. If some audience members get the message that our judicial system has failed, it could have a much greater negative impact on the American public than originally intended. The movie could skew the viewers’ ideas of our judicial system all because of one case.

Positive Possible Aspects of the Film

On the other side of the argument, the movie could really shed some light on this story. Thousands of people followed the Casey Anthony trial on television and they all have opinions about the case. The fact that there wasn’t enough evidence to convict her could become an intriguing and unfortunate story. To many people, it could just be an interesting movie about an unstable person who committed a crime that most of us could not imagine committing. A movie about Casey Anthony could show its audience just how far people stray from the norm in our society and become nothing more than an entertaining, informative, and interesting motion picture. So many people were interested in the trial while it was happening, why wouldn’t they be interested in a motion picture about it now?

Unethical Financial Exploitation

Because so many people were, and still are, interested in the Casey Anthony trial, it stands to reason that the motion picture version of Imperfect Justice – Prosecuting Casey Anthony could just be a financial interest for the creators. A case with that big of a following has to have a high number of viewers for the movie. If that is the case, is it right to use this story to gain money? Does the impact of telling the public this tragic story outweigh the unethical exploitation of the case?

Impact the Movie Could Make

The Casey Anthony trial had most of America on the edge of their seats wondering what would become of this woman accused of murdering her own daughter. The more heinous the crime seemed, the more people became interested. When Anthony was found not guilty, citizens everywhere were outraged. The ideas that the judicial system failed, that Anthony was innocent after all, or that there was nothing more they could legally do all create an interesting story. If this case was made into a movie, it could potentially tell the public that crimes can be overlooked, causing more crimes and a disappointed audience in their country’s judicial system. However, it could also just be an entertaining and successful movie. All of that being said, how do you think this motion picture would impact its viewers?

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