3 Major Consequences of DUI–Ditch the Booze and Drive Sober!

by edralyn on October 18, 2012

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Being convicted of DUI can be easier than you think. Even if you don’t feel drunk, there’s the chance that the cop who pulls you over will disagree. Here’s the good news: Being convicted of DUI is also easy to avoid! It’s as simple as finding yourself a designated driver or simply choosing not to drink that night. And believe us: You’ll want to do that. Here are just three reasons that a DUI is one mistake you don’t want to make.

1. 1.) $$$

Drive under the influence and you’ll have to pay—a LOT. This could mean hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars out of your pocket or your parents’ pockets, and we’re sure they wouldn’t be too thrilled about that either. Not only might you have to pay major cash in fines and court costs, but your insurance rates will also go up—and that’s IF your insurance will still cover you or you can find a new company who will work with you after your DUI.

1. 2.) You Can Say Bye-Bye to Your Freedom

After being convicted of DUI, you may very well find yourself in possession of a suspended license. Obviously, you don’t want to drive around on that—unless you WANT to get in more trouble. What does this mean? You better find yourself a chauffeur to take you to the community service you’ll be required to complete, in addition to those drug and alcohol awareness classes—all because you made the decision to booze and get behind the wheel of your car.

There is one bright side, though: You might not be needing a car anyway, since there’s a chance you could be in jail. Did we forget to mention that? And don’t think that because you’re a first-timer, the courts will spare you. You can find yourself behind bars with even just one DUI!

1. 3.) You’ll No Longer Have a Clean Record

These ramifications could be worse than you think. Don’t assume that just because the fines are paid, the suspension is over, and classes are completed means that you’re starting over with a clean slate. This means that if you go to apply for a job and the employer runs a background check on you, they’ll see your big boo-boo. Don’t expect to hear from them about an interview. And make no mistake about it: If you’re already employed when you get your DUI, you can still very easily lose your job.

Don’t forget—these are just the basic consequences of getting busted to DUI. They can get way worse. Exactly how drunk were you? Was anyone else in the car? Were they minors? Have you been convicted of DUI before? Are you not yet of the legal drinking age? Did you cause any accidents or fender benders while you were behind the wheel? These are all factors that can lead to even worse punishment regarding fines, jail time, etc. It’s not worth it, folks!

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