Paddy Power Beats the Odds in Licence Appeal Case

by EdwardHandsandLewis on June 20, 2013

Sanveer S Sanveer Sandhu – Solicitor at Edward Hands and Lewis


By Sanveer Sandhu

After being locked in a struggle with Newham Council, Paddy Power has won its appeal after the London council refused to allow it to open a betting shop in the area.


Paddy Power had originally been refused a licence application to open a new shop in Newham, which would have meant the borough would have approximately 80 betting shops in total and one of the highest amounts in any area in London.  Newham Council believe the government must be called upon to address the issue as the number of betting shops was unacceptable.


Newham Council objected to the application on the grounds that it would attract anti-social behaviour and crime.  District Judge Paul Goldspring however said in his judgment that it could not be proved that granting a licence would breach the 2005 Gambling Act (“the Act”) and lead to crime and disorder and ruled in favour of Paddy Power in their appeal.


The argument put forward by the local authority in their objection under the Act was said to be outside their remit as Newham Council were forced to concede that the Act related only to whether an operator provides genuine facilities for betting.


As a result of the appeal Paddy Power announced it would donate all costs awarded to charities working across Newham to fund initiatives that support the local community.


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