Has SEO become SRO?

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ on August 5, 2012

The following is a guest post from Evolved Legal regarding SEO and some interesting thoughts for lawyers in 2012 but see also some newer posts about SEO for law firms:-

The business of obtaining high rankings and prominence in search engine results and particularly Google is a hot topic at the moment, although many lawyers still do not seem to appreciate how important and big the online market is.

The traditional practice of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is changing very rapidly. A great summary of these changes is in this article.

We are an online marketing consultancy that, like the team at YouBlawg, work with law firms. One of the major changes brought about by the Google changes is that online marketing has become, overnight, far more niche. It is no longer safe or a good idea to utilize the services of a general online marketing consultancy in our view, however slick and big they are. There are some fundamental reasons for this :-

  1. As content is now truly king, to add value as an online marketer you need to have a very in-depth knowledge of the sector you are working in – with law, which provides a great example, you need to know about how and what to write, and this only comes with experience.
  2. Following on from 1. Above, one of the main ways we add value for our clients is by acting as their “eyes and ears”. We research what other law firms are doing and saying, we find the topical issues which offer ideas as to what to write about, we provide a vital research function.
  3. We feed back our findings to busy lawyers and guide them as to what to write about
  4. The lawyers then write about these topics and we edit the content to make it both search engine friendly and in non-lawyer speak, sometimes easier said than done with law firms !
  5. It is now, more than ever, necessary to work closely with clients as a team – simply outsourcing your online marketing activity to an agency who handle it all remotely is no longer a great idea. Working with clients means generally getting to their offices weekly if not daily, to guide, to educate, to collaborate and sometime to cajole.

For all the above reasons, search engine optimization, as many are saying, is probably dead, but the smart in each industry are now working using a new practice, search research optimization.

The writer works closely with a number of law firms including Darlingtons Solicitors and Lloyd Green solicitors.

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